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stingy (adjective)

narrow, parsimonious, niggardly.

approach (verb)

come, approach, impend, gain, converge, near, access, loom, advance.

plug (verb)

plug, cork, tap, cover, bung, stop.

Other synonyms:

close-fisted, destruction, keep out, acquainted, closing curtain, sparing, cauterize, stinting, practically, in no time (at all), bear, closely, restrained, shutdown, confining, close-set, fit, broadly, automate, bring to, connect, keep mum, unventilated, campus, questionable, debit, warm, destination, inseparable, probable, meticulous, uncommunicable, fail, hairline, shut up, full, enveloping, chummy, finish, paralinguistic, belt up, wrong, rigorous, illocutionary, snug, economic, tight-mouthed, inexact, refinement, bull market, immediate, one-on-one, come together, clench, underweight, Afro, niggard, undemonstrative, adjacent, stodgy, uncomfortable, broken, emotionless, pinpoint, miserly, shut your ears to something, expected, bid, expiry, stopper, Ave., constraining, crocked, alleyway, sultry, stagnant, appressed, coterminous, inward, economical, sticky, taut, side by side, remainder, imprecise, decode, sweltering, skinny, settle, hard-fisted, near, reach out, suffocating, mean, remnant, cockeyed, next-door, close your ears (to), occlude, delicate, close-run, wet, not unlike, communicative, solid, chain, bosom, hairline, in the short run/term, sloshed, thick, oddment, limiting, bangs, close together, guaranteed, car park, inseparable, buddy-buddy, neighbouring, adpressed, person-to-person, chintzy, connected, beehive, unemotional, be quiet, spot-on, soaked, chintzy, against, stinting, deliver, dam, breathless, finale, cluster, alarm, impending, strict, bend, walking, approximately, adjoining, meet, turn a deaf ear (to), anaesthetize, pissed, scalelike, jam-packed, imminent, careful, fusty, breathless, reason out, exact, next-door, incorrect, fuddled, cobbler's last, pass, spare, approximate, hardly, mathematical, closest, cordon off, delicate, motionless, tight-fitting, silent, tightlipped, neighboring, resolve, refined, closely knit, taciturn, tightfitting, decision, avoidable, arm's-length, close-mouthed, ratiocination, button, organized, bun, closefisted, tie, conclusion, nonverbal, distant, Drive, clam up, mathematical, breath, buzz cut, beauty parade, next to, buddy-buddy, inseparable, shortly, competing, dark, blotto, turn off, attach, breathless, intimate, sound, coda, oppressive, most, expressive, virtually, last, crash, intimately, dark, brokerage, fast, nestled, stuff, stiff, uncommunicative, blank, confined, ground, squiffy, nighest, bullish, verbal, close down, spot-on, block off, bar, boot, sozzled, back, deposit, strained, passing, pinchpenny, familiar, private, uncork, painstaking, confidential, bandage, emulate, seal off, hem, alongside, nip and tuck, incommunicative, closefisted, pinpoint, boney, suffocating, lock out, smashed, refined, wave, nasty, beside, hot, level, mathematical, Blvd., protective, braid, fold, stretch, sparing, closemouthed, nearest, reason, sparing, nigh, cut off, liquidate, unsettling, thrifty, accurate, inward, kinship, controlled, packed, finishing, clump together, spot-on, spare, incommunicable, sort of, repel, polish, besotted, neighbor, choke off, brittle, ungenerous, familial, serried, closer, compact, short, put together, unaired, bordering, buddy-buddy, besiege, reticent, down-to-the-wire, heavy, narrow, button up, draw, fuse, tight, equal, reserved, Avenue, bleed, shut down, closedown, preventable, bunch, cloister, fine, scrawny, frugal, assemble, alley, faithful, impede, illegitimacy, attend, jam-packed, dummy up, stinting, possibly, extend, double, chignon, culture, united, just, clap, bobbed, backstreet, cheeseparing, give out, clear, pinching, methodical, anesthetize, pinchpenny, dense, bull, hairline, roughly, cheap, unnatural, tight-mouthed, exclude, down-to-the-wire, open, innocuous, pinchpenny, all but, economies, interactive, neck and neck, slam, systematic, cosy, constrictive, stingy, wind up, run out, display, separate, refined, Boulevard, shutting, uncharitable, probably, cannibalize, scarcely, direct, pay in, jam something open/shut, unopposed, impassive, stifling, especial, coating, secretive, spare, barely, chintzy, broking, abutting, mop up, inward, draw to a close/an end, catch, niggardly, parsimonious, bondholder, nearby, pixilated, almost, cultivation, close-knit, mingy, agree, filial, backyard, close at hand, snuggled, bear market, closing, love, moral, restricting, clog, next, indistinguishable, business plan, fold up, restraint, corrupt, cramped, clinch, cramped, spread, capacity, one-to-one, encompassing, stopping point, uncharitable, good, closefisted, serried, petty, final stage, envelop, ending, around the corner, penny-pinching, slopped, close-hauled, tightly fitting, clannish, dark, unite, credit, finis, refreshing, abort, penurious, come to an end, bind, book, stringent, about, kick, fresh, well-nigh, inaccurate, borrow, cautious, turn up, fold your arms/hands, decide, costive, airless, close-fitting, crescent, claustrophobic, bound, family, close up, huddle, provident, cozy up, fill up, thorough, tighten, obstruct, pinpoint, any day/moment etc. now, thrift, Dr., shut out, likely, mortgage, legitimate, goal, walk-to, jam-packed, bearish, delicate, soused, scraggy, buffer, stuffy, nearer, unfurl, especial, tight-mouthed, account, harmless, strange, uncharitable, make full, hedge, contiguous, dry up, catheterize, boon, closelipped, bid price, attached, bob, business, passive, soon, disconnect, moldy, asset, juxtaposed, safe, plastered, shoemaker's last, at hand, obturate, fit out, fill, neighbour, end, unfold, certain, crowded, cul-de-sac, unresponsive, position, controllable, surrounding, go out of business, compressed, go under, withdrawal, restricted, especial, shut, out, neutral, stale, blind alley, bring back, conterminous, troubling, closure, crowd, next-door, bypass, cozy, brotherly, musty, sure, loaded, serried, coalesce, determination, broker-dealer, not want to know, down-to-the-wire, dear, pen up, hook into, enclose, tightfisted, illegitimate, homogeneous, dense, pie-eyed, proximate, weedy, shutter, bank, give, at the earliest/first opportunity, hand-to-hand, ambient, blind drunk, shut off, nearly, suffocating, close off, arcade.

Examples of usage:

They were very close together and hand in hand. - "The Keeper of the Door", Ethel M. Dell.

" She's close to it," he called. - "They of the High Trails", Hamlin Garland.

Too close in to be much good." - "Tropic Days", E. J. Banfield.

Similar words:

suede cloth, saint cloud, storm cloud, stratus cloud, sweet clover, stinking clover, shepherd's clock, spacecraft clock time, sweet four o'clock, trailing four o'clock.

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