Synonyms for Needle:


bud, aerial root, bur, boll, bulb, anther, bract, beanstalk. frustrate, hypodermic, stylus, anger, madden, provoke, drive someone mad. circuit board, anode, pointer, contact, circuit, cathode, coil, circuit breaker, indicator, circuitry, diaphragm, gauge, director, conduit. defibrillator, drain, drip, eeg, catheter, balloon, prickle, ekg, electrocardiogram, sharp, ecg, electrocardiograph. pinhead, cotton reel, notions, eye, thimble, bobbin, pincushion, cotton. gramophone, cd player, hi-fi, deck, earpiece, boom box, earphones, compact disc player, ghetto blaster, jukebox. knit, cast on, rib, knitting needle, crochet, cast off, cable stitch, knitting, ribbing. indicator (noun)
leaf (noun)
needle (noun)
gimlet, barb, hat pin, goad, hook, fishhook, nettle, prong, thumbtack, awl, pike, staple, phonograph needle, nail, quill, spine, pin, Acerate Leaf, harpoon, tack.
perforator (noun)
die, auger, punch, blade, drill, poker, lance, spur, bit, puncture, spear, penetrator, bore, point, skewer, thorn, stick, gouge, spike, tip, arrow, Perforator.
plant (noun)
Acerate Leaf.


aggravate (verb)
arouse, harry, bedevil, antagonize, chafe, infuriate, nag, fret, peeve, aggravate, inflame, envenom, exacerbate, grate, torment, harass, rankle, hassle, annoy, trouble, badger, irritate, upset, vex, perturb, discompose, bother, irk, tease, enrage, bait, pester, disturb, exasperate.
communication (verb)
perforate (verb)
perforate, poke, pierce, penetrate.
tease, annoy (verb)
bedevil, aggravate, spur, irritate, bait, badger, harass, bother, provoke, goad, nag, pester, nettle, irk.

Other synonyms:

hypodermic, knitting needle, cable stitch, notions, thimble, knitting, cast on, prickle, crochet, ribbing, bobbin, pinhead, pincushion, cotton reel, pointer. knit, cast off. cotton. eye, rib. aggravate
provoke, grate, irk.
Other relevant words:
nettle, pincushion, bract, gauge, knitting needle, rib, indicator, frustrate, prickle, phonograph needle, hypodermic, hi-fi, bur, goad, stylus, anger, Acerate Leaf, provoke, sharp, director, notions, eye, jukebox, ribbing, pointer.

Usage examples for needle

  1. Then he pressed home the needle he had prepared for the woman. – Feet Of Clay by Phillip Hoskins
  2. When work was brisk- and it was not always so since there had been such frequent strikes in Stanton Street- they could together make the rent money, and even more, as Paolo was learning and getting a stronger grip on the needle week by week. – Children of the Tenements by Jacob A. Riis
  3. It was a canvas- needle to the eye of which the cord was attached. – Malcolm Sage, Detective by Herbert George Jenkins