Synonyms for Clog:


interfere with, squeeze out, kill off, cut into, stamp out, suppress, shut off, hold back. boot, Birkenstock, desert boot, Brogues, clodhoppers, crosstrainer, cowboy boots, cleats, deck shoe. artifact (noun)
patten, sabot, geta.
blockage (noun)
blockade, impediment, snag, block, hindrance, bar, encumbrance, drag, impedance, burden, obstruction.
clog (noun)
clog dancing, patten, sabot, choke, clog dance, back up, overload, geta, choke off, congest, constipate, clog up, clot, foul.
dance (noun)
conga, turkey trot, moonwalk, reel, Galliard, samba, dance, bolero, fandango, fox-trot, marengue, two-step, can-can, polonaise, quadrille, charleston, beguine, jitterbug, twist, jig, one-step, minuet, tap dance, courante, shimmy, square dance, hula, shuffle, tango, gavotte, mambo, highland fling, tarantella, cakewalk, lambada, hootchy-kootchy, rumba, mazurka, waltz, polka, cotillion, allemande, cha-cha, hornpipe.
hindrance (noun)
constipation, blockade, impedance, disadvantage, hurdle, obstruction, restriction, bafflement, stoppage, encumbrance, entanglement, impasse, resistance, hindrance, barrier, drawback, constraint, damper, opposition, impediment, obstacle, frustration, congestion, deterrent, entrapment, restraint, inhibition, blockage, complication, interruption.
shoe (noun)
cowboy boots.
stop up (noun)
seal, close.


block, hinder (verb)
curb, encumber, obstruct, congest, plug, fetter, jam, impede, close, hamper, choke, seal.
contact (verb)
choke, foul, back up, clog up, congest, choke off.
hinder (verb)
catch, entrap, constipate, cripple, bottleneck, brake, snag, handicap, detain, curb, drag, stay, restrain, encumber, frustrate, delay, foul, impede, restrict, cramp, thwart, jam, choke, resist, plug, inhibit, oppose, snarl, complicate, mire, deter, check, tangle, interrupt, bar, burden, hinder, entangle, constrain, crimp, hamstring, block, baffle, obstruct, impair, congest, fetter, stop, hamper, paralyze, dam, bung, counter.

Other synonyms:

cesspit, downspout, culvert, desert boot, Brogues, Birkenstock, cowboy boots, conduit, deck shoe. barricade, cutoff, airlock, crosstrainer. close. boot. wall. carry. traverse. plug
stop up
Other relevant words:
boot, crosstrainer, wall, conduit, patten, clog dance, barricade, close, hold back, overload, traverse, interfere with, airlock, Birkenstock, back up, clog up, suppress, culvert, seal, geta, choke off, sabot, Brogues, clot, clog dancing.

Usage examples for clog

  1. However, Price's speculation proved a failure, Mathews' scheme of making a speedy fortune " melted into thin air," and then, affirms the disappointed comedian, " began the series of troubles which were destined to clog a great portion of my life." – Curiosities of Impecuniosity by H. G. Somerville
  2. The clog dances became most intricate and more mechanical- and thereby still more remote from the buck- and- wing dancing of the real negro. – A Book About the Theater by Brander Matthews
  3. A man hustling as if the world were at stake to get his part of a shoe finished as soon as another man, so as not to clog and balk the whole system, had no time for rebellion. – The Portion of Labor by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman