Synonyms for Ft:


cape, mount, mt, pt, PK, atoll, M, olde, bluff. clock-watching, come in, business day, business hours, dress-down day, clock in, core time, flextime, clock off. bore, cubit, centimeter, length, in, cm, inch, centimetre. ft (noun)
quantity (noun)

Other synonyms:

centimetre, core time, atoll, business day, flextime, pt, centimeter, dress-down day, olde, cubit, clock-watching, cm, business hours, bluff. PK. mt. inch. length. mount. come in. M. in. Other relevant words:
in, mount, flextime, M, PK, cubit, clock-watching, bluff, olde, length, inch.

Usage examples for ft

  1. He came into the orchard last evening staggering under a 15- ft – Pebbles on the Shore by Alpha of the Plough (Alfred George Gardiner)
  2. The sergeant, however, smiling complacently over his 6 ft – The Green Flag by Arthur Conan Doyle