Synonyms for Pace:


baton, clock, false start, dead heat, the blocks, drop back, come in, ahead. bathos, device, allegory, dramatic irony, Deus Ex Machina, clip, establish, dialogue, fast, anthropomorphic, dialog, characterization. hike, stroll, saunter, trek, amble, stray, wander. bite, novelty, animation, life, mystery, vitality, spark, fascination, color, buzz. bridle, equestrian, canter, groom, bareback, dismount, break in. pound, run, bound, running, runner, dash. momentum, jog. centimeter, in, bore, foot, ft, length, inch, cubit, cm, centimetre. shuffle, stagger, goose step, walk, strut, limp. attribute (noun)
footfall (noun)
gait (noun)
haste (noun)
pace (noun)
gait, rate, tread, stride, yard, tempo, step, footstep.
quantity (noun)
footstep, step, stride.
speed (noun)
gallop, quickness, speed, celerity, rapidity, hurry, velocity, swiftness, impetus, rush, alacrity.
speed, tempo of motion (noun)
momentum, movement, swiftness, rapidity, velocity, rate, quickness, celerity.
step (noun)
steps in walking (noun)
footstep, stride, gait, tread, clip, step, walk.


change (verb)
walk back and forth (verb)
canter, gallop, pound.

Other synonyms:

run, jog. strut, momentum. foot. limp. stagger, shuffle. walk. jog
Other relevant words:
amble, spark, bound, dash, centimeter, run, limp, momentum, bite, dismount, ahead, length, cm, baton, dialog, cubit, fascination, stagger, allegory, goose step, jog, dialogue, pound, strut, establish, hike, inch, mystery, footstep, movement, fast, stride, yard, ft, bathos, buzz, equestrian, trek, tread, running, groom, runner, animation, novelty, rate, step, clock, color, shuffle, characterization, clip, bridle, centimetre, device, in, bareback, anthropomorphic, stroll, life, saunter, canter, stray, walk, foot, bore, gait, tempo.

Usage examples for pace

  1. No man in his senses would have dared to ride a horse at more than foot- pace down the path. – Rung Ho! by Talbot Mundy
  2. Even though Jesus kept a fast pace they did not fall behind. – Men Called Him Master by Elwyn Allen Smith
  3. How long will it take you to fix up your pace – The Book of Gud by Dan Spain Harold Hersey