Synonyms for In:


fashionable (adjective)
chic, contemporary, current, dashing, mod, modern, modish, popular, posh, smart, stylish, swank, swanky, trendy, trig, up-to-the-minute, usual, all the rage.
modish (adjective)
with-it, all the rage.


within (adverb)


aboard, afloat, board, bookable, booking, bus, Booking office, ARR, aisle seat, book on. about, across, after, ahead, along, apart, around, before, beyond, by, near, under, Against, Into, Toward. enclosed, landlocked, meanwhile, surrounding, while, During, hedged in with/by, in the round. advancing, direct, fashionable, favorite, forward, oncoming, popular, stylish, up, bound for something, from all sides. acting, dark, detest, dramatic, go up, hate, on, opposite, rep, method acting, be out to destroy, wish to harm. a la mode, campaign, chad, chic, classy, dashing, disenfranchise, elect, election, electioneering, mod, modish, posh, sharp, smart, snappy, style, swank, swanky, swish, trendy, trig, up-to-the-minute, usual, Tony, by election, with-it, advance poll, beauty contest, direct elections, all the rage. advanced, contemporary, futuristic, modern, modernistic, space age, state of the art, ahead of your/its etc. time. ensuing, following, in time, subsequent, subsequently, succeeding, Since, in the course of time. ak, al, ala, alas, ar, ark, az, ca, BC, ARIZ. all, here, last, sometime, then, when, This, Until, Whenever. bilingual, encode, fidelity, fluency, fluent, anglophone, code switching, communicative competence, false beginner. articulate, chatty, circuitous, clean, conversational, crisp, declamatory, diffuse, discursive, economical. at, over, through, throughout, for the duration, in the midst of something. attired, bespectacled, clad, clothed, cross dressing, dapper, debonair, Corseted. basis, manner, means, method, mode, procedure, system, tactic, technique, way. indoors, inner, interior. barometer, climate, climatic, meteorology, seasonal, spell, temperate, weather, weather forecast, zone. ablaze, bleached, bold, brash, bright, chintzy, cold, colored, color-coded. broken, checked, checkerboard, checkered, chequered, chronological, crisscross, dappled, even, candy-striped. bore, centimeter, centimetre, cm, cubit, foot, ft, length. course, current, down, drip, ebb, eddy, flow, flush, maelstrom. for sale, out, upcoming, on the market, on offer, hit the town/street, etc., on the open market. tennis (noun)
ace, advantage, alley, ball boy, break, clay, ball girl, break point, the Davis Cup.
within (noun)
inside, within.

Other synonyms:

centimeter, centimetre, chic, classy, cm, cubit, enclosed, indoors, inner, landlocked, mod, opposite, popular, surrounding, trig, During, Into, Tony, method acting. acting, dark, dramatic, eddy, maelstrom, posh, through, throughout, trendy, upcoming, with-it. ft, rep. dashing, ebb, go up, interior, modish, snappy, within. length, on. current, smart. around, drip, flush, over. about. foot. flow. course. sharp. down. position
Other relevant words:
ablaze, aboard, about, ace, across, acting, advanced, advancing, advantage, afloat, after, ahead, ak, al, ala, alas, all, alley, along, apart, ar, ark, around, articulate, at, attired, az, barometer, basis, before, bespectacled, beyond, bilingual, bleached, board, bold, bookable, booking, bore, brash, break, bright, broken, bus, by, ca, campaign, centimeter, centimetre, chad, chatty, checked, checkerboard, checkered, chequered, chic, chintzy, chronological, circuitous, clad, classy, clay, clean, climate, climatic, clothed, cm, cold, colored, contemporary, conversational, course, crisp, crisscross, cross dressing, cubit, current, dapper, dappled, dark, dashing, debonair, declamatory, detest, diffuse, direct, discursive, disenfranchise, down, dramatic, drip, ebb, economical, eddy, elect, election, electioneering, enclosed, encode, ensuing, even, fashionable, favorite, fidelity, flow, fluency, fluent, flush, following, foot, forward, ft, futuristic, hate, here, indoors, inner, inside, interior, landlocked, last, length, maelstrom, manner, means, meanwhile, meteorology, method, mod, mode, modern, modernistic, modish, near, on, oncoming, opposite, out, over, popular, posh, procedure, rep, seasonal, sharp, smart, snappy, sometime, space age, spell, style, stylish, subsequent, subsequently, succeeding, surrounding, swank, swanky, swish, system, tactic, technique, temperate, then, through, throughout, trendy, trig, under, up, up-to-the-minute, upcoming, usual, way, weather, when, while, within, zone, Against, During, Into, Since, This, Tony, Toward, Until, Whenever, state of the art, with-it, Corseted, ARR, ARIZ, anglophone, candy-striped, color-coded, all the rage.

Usage examples for in

  1. Let me tell them You are on the way, that You are here, that You are in their very midst. – A Second Coming by Richard Marsh
  2. Now go in to my mother." – The Story Of Kennett by Bayard Taylor
  3. Love in a loft! – San-Cravate; or, The Messengers; Little Streams by Charles Paul de Kock