Synonyms for Rep:


CAPT, B, apt, av, ANON, respect, bpi, CF, name, abbreviation, repute, CCTV, acronym, reputation, character, report. core, branch, arriviste, charter member, commissioner, alumnus, academician, confederate, associate, baby. dramatic, acting, on, method acting, opposite, go up, in, dark. circuit training, calisthenics, the burn, chin up, aquarobics, aerobics, aerobic, boxercise, bend, bodybuilding. greeter, cashier, hawker, checker, clerk, bagger, auctioneer, drummer, booking clerk, buyer. the Republican Party, the GOP, R, republican. name (noun)
rep (noun)
reputation (noun)
repute, report, name, character.

Other synonyms:

method acting, the GOP, opposite, the Republican Party, reputation. dramatic, republican, acting, repute, dark. go up. in, on. name, report. R. character. Other relevant words:
character, in, reputation, drummer, hawker, acting, on, clerk, name, repute, report.

Usage examples for rep

  1. " I never rode him but once myself, but I worked right with a Lazy 6 rep that had him in his string, down at the U up- and- down, two years ago. – The Happy Family by Bertha Muzzy Bower