Synonyms for Piqued:


angry (adjective)
resentful (adjective)
miffed, splenetic, Huffed, irritated, galled, offended, resentful, vexed, sore, stung, infuriated, discontent, vindictive, embittered, envious, malevolent, Spleenful, acerbic, bitter, spiteful, hurt, antagonistic.


cross, fed up, put out, mad, displeased, belligerent, upset. bothered (noun)
troubled, angry.


irritated (verb)
irritated, bothered, hassled, fretted, irked, teased, vexed, acerbated, annoyed.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
displeased, belligerent, troubled, cross, upset, fed up, mad, put out, angry.

Usage examples for Piqued

  1. Miss Watts piqued the girl's interest in the study hours, and, as if by a miracle, she learned to read. – The Cricket by Marjorie Cooke
  2. In the second place, Chaldea was piqued to think that Lambert should prove to be so indifferent to her undeniable beauty, as to love this pale shadow of a Gentile lady. – Red Money by Fergus Hume
  3. If, for instance, she could get the piqued gentleman to flirt a little with her,- and she had no doubt of her abilities in this line,- it might cause Mrs. Cristie uneasiness. – The Squirrel Inn by Frank R. Stockton