Synonyms for Hooked:


addicted (adjective)
curved (adjective)
crooked, bowed, rounded, hanging, sagging, parabolic, serpentine, arched, bent, curved.
enthusiastic (adjective)
avid, motivated, wholehearted, mad about something, enthusiastic, born-again, eager, keen, fervent.


gone, wasted, hopped-up, bombed-out, blissed out, stoned. elliptical, domed, circular, crosswise, conical, cruciform, cylindrical, corkscrew. addicted (noun)
using, on, anywhere.
hooked (noun)
dependent, aquiline, dependant, drug-addicted, addicted, crooked, strung-out.


curved (verb)
swept, Cambered, Sagged, Swerved, Hanged.

Other synonyms:

cruciform, crosswise, hopped-up, domed, stoned, elliptical, blissed out, conical, corkscrew, cylindrical. circular. Other relevant words:
cylindrical, born-again, avid, dependent, wasted, elliptical, conical, strung-out, aquiline, enthusiastic, eager, addicted, hopped-up, fervent, keen, dependant, circular, drug-addicted.

Usage examples for hooked

  1. Indeed, there he was in plain sight, the boys' monster of the marshes, fully two feet in diameter, his rough shell streaming with long green grasses, his wicked black eyes staring, his hooked powerful jaws set in a grim curve. – The Adventures of Bobby Orde by Stewart Edward White
  2. She gave Brander so much credit for that, and for other things, that Jonathan hooked his arm in that of the young man, and walked with him thus when they all went to the office to hear Cap'n Tichel make his report. – The Sea Bride by Ben Ames Williams
  3. Nothing is half so good as literature hooked on Sunday, on the sly. – Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete The Personal And Literary Life Of Samuel Langhorne Clemens by Albert Bigelow Paine Last Updated: February 20, 2009