Synonyms for Irritated:


angry (adjective)
enraged, incensed, indignant, perturbed, mad, exasperated, furious, pissed off, angry, irate, displeased, splenetic.
annoyed (adjective)
bothered, angry, angered, provoked, disturbed, irked, troubled.
discontent (adjective)
despondent, fed up, non-satisfied, dissatisfied, discomposed, frustrated, teed off, disapproving, malcontent, disquieted, bored, cross, displeased, sour, anxious, ungratified, uncomfortable, exasperated, discontent, uneasy, joyless, dissident, anguished, gloomy, disgruntled, miserable, ticked off, wretched, irreconcilable, unhappy, restless, cheerless.
resentful (adjective)
discontent, Piqued, galled, splenetic, hurt, envious, embittered, vindictive, offended, bitter, stung, spiteful, Spleenful, sore, infuriated, vexed, antagonistic, miffed, Huffed, resentful, acerbic, malevolent.


agonizing, chronic, chapped, crippling, burning, agonising, bad, achy, acute. belligerent. irritated (noun)
steamed, displeased, nettled, roiled, stung, peeved, pissed off, annoyed, miffed, riled.


aggravated (verb)
perturbed, upset, troubled, harried, bedeviled, Baited, discomposed, needled, Badgered, Rankled, enraged, peeved, Antagonized, Nagged, pestered, Envenomed, aroused, exasperated, exacerbated.
chafed (verb)
chafed, fretted, aggravated, disturbed, harassed, Grated, scrubbed, Rasped, abraded, worn, Rubbed, ground, scraped, Wore, Resisted.
displeased (verb)
disappointed, aggrieved, displeased, disgusted, shocked, riled, Repelled, Jarred, Scandalized, provoked, angered.
irritated (verb)
bothered, Piqued, vexed, hassled, annoyed, acerbated, irked, teased.
pained (verb)
anguished, distressed, Suffered, agonized, pained, tormented, Discomforted, cramped, Smarted, tortured, Ached, stitched, afflicted, inflamed, Racked, Throbbed, Wrenched.

Other synonyms:

belligerent. Other relevant words:
belligerent, nettled, roiled, steamed, burning.

Usage examples for irritated

  1. And the more that she felt that she liked him the more she was irritated by his lack of consideration for her. – The Unbearable Bassington by Saki
  2. Henry, irritated replied, " A man of courage would not ask for money on the eve of a battle." – Henry IV, Makers of History by John S. C. Abbott
  3. We had not driven far before I felt and saw that she was intensely irritated against me. – The Plum Tree by David Graham Phillips