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cold (adjective)

biting, windy, cold.

Other synonyms:

in the altogether, adolescent, desolate, unanalyzed, diaphanous, mother-naked, in the buff, datum, ripe, angry, lancinate, stinging, refined, peeled, virgin, stabbing, fact, acutely, word, hard, unripe, cranky, bare, sensitive, caramelized, news, untreated, unseasonable, breathable, unversed, data, dim, bare-ass, report, irritated, inexperienced, stark naked, young, naked, stripped, tender, chronic, nipping, crank, buttery, unripened, abandoned, intrinsic, unprocessed, unqualified, cut, fibrous, sore, casual, unexampled, good, cellular, affectionate, undressed, deep, uncontrolled, naive, unfair, altogether, wet behind the ears, unpracticed, open, unseasoned, rare, inclement, underdone, penetrating, mad, shrewd, juvenile, birthday suit, foul-mouthed, unhindered, novel, unhampered, in the raw, A to Z, piercing, unhealthy, chapped, painful, sensible, agonising, warm, ability, manufactured, inherent, native, unjust, bitter, achy, untried, unfinished, disrobed, distressed, be unused to (doing) something, X-rated, intemperate, rudimentary, unfledged, green, findings, bad, unbridled, information, newfangled, dirty, unrestrained, chilled, blind, creased, inexperienced, sultry, blue, agonizing, overt, injured, core, fond, bottomless, abusive, nasty, unclad, fresh, calorific, unbounded, brushed, bitter, unsanded, inexpert, nippy, unclothed, humid, tempestuous, naked as a jaybird, unskilled, uneducated, elemental, half-baked, depth, afflictive, covered, chilling, untoughened, knifelike, vitriolic, nude, baked, ingestion, defenseless, illiterate, muggy, cream, squally, threatening, stormy, unstained, wounded, natural, undressed, uninitiated, runaway, colorfast, clean, uncut, puerile, untrained, chill, smarting, untoasted, turbulent, immature, uncovered, uninitiate, filmy, chewy, new, lancinating, unformed, detail, fierce, edged, unchecked, deep-seated, unprepared, primitive, burning, starkers, tippy, huffy, bare-assed, lovesome, black, barren, affective, uncooked, crippling, creamy, crispy, au naturel, essential.

Examples of usage:

Yes sir; but it's a little raw to- day. - "Harlequin and Columbine", Booth Tarkington.

Raw flesh has but one inconvenience. - "The Physiology of Taste", Brillat Savarin.

But this running off steers is getting too raw. - "Laramie Holds the Range", Frank H. Spearman.

Similar words:

raw material, raw sienna, raw throat, raw vegetable, raw materials, in the raw, create from raw material, create from raw stuff.

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