Synonyms for Clad:


adorned (adjective)
clothed, sheathed, attired, arrayed, dressed, face, robed, garbed.
all (adjective)
clothed (adjective)
arrayed, worn, attired, dressed, robed, costumed, wrapped, garbed, clothed.


skin, side, cover, dashing, Corseted, debonair, bespectacled, sheathe, surface, cross dressing, face, dapper. clad (noun)
bundled-up, costumed, heavy-coated, dressed-up, robed, underdressed, clothed, decked, cassocked, garbed, habited, garmented, coated, pantalooned, dressed to the nines, sheathed, caparisoned, turned out, togged, cowled, decked out, dressed to kill, habilimented, dressed, panoplied, togged up, dolled up, surpliced, overdressed, lobster-backed, bedecked, suited, dighted, uniformed, attired, tuxedoed, trousered, petticoated, white, spruced up, adorned, red-coated, vestmented, gowned, spiffed up, appareled, black, breeched, arrayed.


clothed (verb)
attired, Wore, wrapped, worn, clothed, dressed, accoutered, outfitted, arrayed, costumed.
supplied (verb)
reloaded, Boarded, sold, donated, reinforced, fed, granted, dispensed, Deployed, Replenished, Catered, Contributed, Delivered, Supplied, Provided, endowed.

Other synonyms:

bespectacled, Corseted, dapper, debonair, dashing, cross dressing. sheathe. side, cover. Other relevant words:
bundled-up, coated, face, adorned, habilimented, dressed-up, heavy-coated, pantalooned, spruced up, vestmented, panoplied, surface, togged up, overdressed, bedecked, side, habited, decked, dighted, dolled up, arrayed, trousered, breeched, tuxedoed, petticoated, cover, black, spiffed up, decked out, sheathe, togged, garmented, lobster-backed, sheathed, caparisoned, underdressed, debonair, cross dressing, Corseted, white, cowled, uniformed, appareled, skin, dashing, cassocked, red-coated, dapper, surpliced, suited, bespectacled, gowned, turned out.

Usage examples for clad

  1. But the coat clearly does not belong to No. 1, as she is seen to be wearing a coat already, while No. 7 lady is very lightly clad – Amusements in Mathematics by Henry Ernest Dudeney
  2. Still, she cried herself to sleep that night, not so much for herself, as for the boys who had talked of the children's fur- clad saint for a month past. – Half a Dozen Girls by Anna Chapin Ray
  3. They were Indians, but clad in the white man's garments. – Indian Boyhood by [AKA Ohiyesa], Charles A. Eastman