Synonyms for On:


near (adjective)
bordering, near, Beside.


in contact; ahead of (adverb)
about, above, approaching, at, covering, forward, near, next, onward, touching, Against, Beside, Toward, Upon.


concerned, concerning, devoted, in relation to, regarding, as for, in connection with something, in/with regard to. across, after, apart, around, before, beyond, by, next, Against. abstemious, approaching, at, cannibal, cannibalism, carnivore, detox, diet, moving, proceeding, Toward, Atkins diet, brown-bag, crash diet. all, all-inclusive, altogether, complete, overall, whole, wholesale, Everything, all-or-nothing, the sum total. acting, dark, dramatic, go up, in, opposite, rep, method acting. relative, relatively, Than, Whereas, next to, by/in contrast, compared with/to, seen against something, the... the.... beam, break, broadcast, come-on, report, run, screen, show, televise, transmit. board, catch, change, deplane, disembarkation, embark, get on, off, transfer. here, last, sometime, then, when, This, Until, Whenever. analog, automatic, automatically, auxiliary, broken, built, clean, clever, clockwork, cordless. 0, 411, 911, 999, 0800 number, 1471, 1800 number, 190 number, 800 number, 900 number. attired, bespectacled, clad, clothed, cross dressing, dapper, dashing, debonair, Corseted. biomass, burn, capacity, energy, fossil fuel, fuel, gas, biofuel, biogas, coal-fired. deadline, due, due date, sell-by date, time limit, timing, closing date, play date, sunset provision, the last minute. contraindication, dosage, dose, drug, injection, Medicated, o.d., Narcotics. and so forth (noun)
also, in addition.
forward (noun)
ahead, forward, onward.
up on (noun)
about, above, covering, touching, under, underneath, Upon.

Other synonyms:

contraindication, deplane, dosage, embark, opposite, method acting. acting, by, dark, dramatic, Against, Medicated. dose, drug, rep. go up, injection. board, change, in, transfer. get on. catch. concerning
Other relevant words:
about, above, abstemious, across, acting, ahead, all, all-inclusive, also, altogether, analog, apart, approaching, around, at, attired, automatic, automatically, auxiliary, beam, before, bespectacled, beyond, biomass, board, bordering, break, broadcast, broken, built, burn, by, cannibal, cannibalism, capacity, carnivore, catch, change, clad, clean, clever, clockwork, clothed, complete, concerned, concerning, contraindication, cordless, covering, cross dressing, dapper, dark, dashing, deadline, debonair, deplane, detox, devoted, diet, disembarkation, dosage, dose, dramatic, drug, due, embark, energy, forward, fuel, gas, go up, here, in, in relation to, injection, last, moving, near, next, off, onward, opposite, overall, proceeding, regarding, relative, relatively, rep, report, run, screen, show, sometime, televise, then, timing, touching, transfer, transmit, under, underneath, when, whole, wholesale, Against, Beside, Everything, Medicated, Than, This, Toward, Until, Upon, Whenever, Whereas, Corseted, Narcotics, 411, 911, 999, biofuel, as for, next to, all-or-nothing, biogas, brown-bag, coal-fired, 1471.

Usage examples for on

  1. " Go on said the king again. – Berlin and Sans-Souci by Louise Muhlbach
  2. Come on here, I tell you! – The Bondboy by George W. (George Washington) Ogden
  3. " No, I shall not go on – The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope