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near (adjective)

beside, near, bordering.

Other synonyms:

complete, break, also, before, corseted, broadcast, biogas, contraindication, 190 number, dashing, as for, biofuel, underneath, running, onward, fossil fuel, gas, due date, 1800 number, transmit, in/with regard to, board, 1471, next to, overall, the... the..., working, biomass, Atkins diet, clever, come on, screen, operating, upon, crash diet, in addition, brown-bag, drug, method acting, the last minute, deplane, this, disembarkation, above, fuel, by, attired, along, narcotics, catch, dosage, across, cordless, beyond, 800 number, connected, here, OD, under, medicated, toward, sometime, approaching, apart, off, altogether, change, 999, in, beam, clad, clockwork, play date, sunset provision, after, 411, operational, timing, clean, at, all, in connection with something, proceeding, about, moving, capacity, last, cannibal, televise, analog, operative, deadline, go up, forward, the sum total, everything, dramatic, than, ahead, opposite, carnivore, living, touching, rep, regarding, 0, functional, cannibalism, built, happening, compared with/to, live, debonair, wholesale, whereas, diet, clothed, broken, burn, going, on duty, covering, 911, functioning, in relation to, abstemious, active, automatically, energy, then, time limit, embark, -clad, dapper, show, transfer, closing date, due, run, when, relatively, 0800 number, all-inclusive, by/in contrast, concerned, whenever, concerning, relative, cross-dressing, 900 number, automatic, against, devoted, whole, injection, coal-fired, seen against something, bespectacled, around, get on, until, acting, sell-by date, all-or-nothing, report, next, detox, auxiliary, alive, dark, dose.

Examples of usage:

" Go on," said the king again. - "Berlin and Sans-Souci", Louise Muhlbach.

Come on here, I tell you! - "The Bondboy", George W. (George Washington) Ogden.

" No, I shall not go on. - "The Bertrams", Anthony Trollope.

Similar words:

send on, settle on, set on, seize on, sign on, soft on, slam on, set on fire, shed light on, snow-on-the-mountain.

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