Synonyms for Regarding:


concerning (adjective)
with reference to, in regard to, Respecting, with respect to, as regards, about, with regard to, as to, in relation to.
observing (adjective)


in connection with something, devoted, in/with regard to, concerned. concerning (noun)
about, as regards.
regarding (noun)
related to, in relation to, related, as to, with reference to, with respect to, vis-a-vis, with regard to, in regard to, concerning.
vision (noun)
outlook, inspection, viewpoint, sight, vision, discernment, perception, eyesight, observation.


concerning (preposition)
in regard to, with regard to.


respecting (verb)
Revering, venerating, honoring, Esteeming, Respecting, admiring, Deferring.
seeing (verb)
viewing, Glancing, Glimpsing, staring, Perceiving, sighting, Gazing, looking, Inspecting, Peering, Witnessing, peeking, observing, beholding, watching, spying, seeing, glaring, discerning.

Other synonyms:

concerned, devoted. as to
as to.
about, concerning.
Other relevant words:
related, devoted, concerning, vis-a-vis, in relation to, as to, with respect to, with regard to, with reference to, as regards, in regard to, about, related to, concerned.

Usage examples for regarding

  1. He saw the girl, turned over a seat to face her, and began to fire rapid questions at her regarding her father and mother and the latest news of Castonia settlement. – King Spruce, A Novel by Holman Day
  2. The issue will be one regarding facts of live experience. – The Sources Of Religious Insight by Josiah Royce