Synonyms for Formed:


composed (adjective)
embodied, fabricated, combined, invented, Embraced, included, constituted, Compiled, Constructed, composed.
created (adjective)
originating (adjective)
outlined (adjective)
circumscribed, bordered, silhouette, encircled, Sketched, skeleton, contoured, figured, outlined, delineated, traced, Profiled.


formed (noun)
baculiform, shaped, biform, worm-shaped, chainlike, developed, catenulate, scaphoid, conceived, die-cast, vermiform, settled, wrought, definite, botuliform, balled, bacillary, rod-shaped, phylliform, planned, navicular, organized, precast, cast, baccilar, molded, perfected, defined, blown, bacilliform.
shaped (noun)
born, finished, fashioned, Concocted, accomplished, patterned, consummated, Reached, completed, arrived at, determined, hardened, carved, authored, articulated, forged, solidified.


began (verb)
initiated, hatched, Undertook, Inducted, Began, Commenced, initialized, Budded, developed, Inaugurated, conceived, sprouted, Undertaken, Created, birthed, Begun, Dawned, Sprung, Introduced, Originated, started, Embarked, Emerged, Sprang, stemmed, Germinated.
composed (verb)
composed, Embraced, combined, Compiled, embodied, constituted, invented, fabricated, Constructed, included.
created (verb)
fabricated, produced, Generated, formulated, invented.
ordered (verb)
composed, Rated, established, Charted, fixed, controlled, programmed, framed, categorized, stabilized, set, separated, pigeonholed, stratified, Classed, shaped, placed, arrayed, supported, Scored, mediated, Methodized, rationalized, ranked, graded, organized, scheduled, normalized, Screened, cast, Collated, unified, plotted, schematized, grouped, Sifted, unsnarled, Righted, orchestrated, ordered, arranged, balanced, designed, prepared, regulated, Marshalled, maintained, adjusted, Subordinated, integrated, systematized, structured, planned, harmonized, Schemed, classified, Devised, typed, settled, sorted.
outlined (verb)
drawn, Drafted, silhouetted, drew, represented.
produced (verb)
cultivated, Fathered, Mothered, executed, manufactured.
prototyped (verb)
imagined, prototyped, modeled.
structured (verb)
built, Constructed, constituted, made.

Other synonyms:

molded, fashioned.
Other relevant words:
articulated, scaphoid, vermiform, balled, rod-shaped, navicular, consummated, determined, Reached, botuliform, fashioned, catenulate, Concocted, completed, finished, forged, solidified, patterned, hardened, phylliform, carved, worm-shaped, molded, blown, authored, born, precast, definite, defined, accomplished, bacillary, die-cast, perfected, bacilliform, baculiform, baccilar, wrought, biform, chainlike.

Usage examples for formed

  1. The dies are formed as shown in Fig. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  2. They formed into a little hedge along my way, and I heard a little 'oh! – Parisian Points of View by Ludovic Halévy Commentator: Brander Matthews
  3. What you may imagine, what unworthy idea you may have formed is beyond me to guess, but you can know nothing. – The Passenger from Calais by Arthur Griffiths