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illusory - 51 results
deceptive (adjective)

fancied, false.

Examples of usage:

But in fact the opposition of instinct and reason is mainly illusory. - "Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays", Bertrand Russell.

But when he examined, after his return home, these few exceptional revelations, he discovered that he had been mistaken, and that these answers had been after all as illusory as the others. - "Modern Magic", Maximilian Schele de Vere.

As, other things being equal, a baby benefits enormously by being born within the social framework rather than in the illusory freedom of " pure" nature; so the growth of the soul is, or should be, helped and not hindered by the nurture it receives from the religious society in which it is born. - "The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-day", Evelyn Underhill.

Similar words:

illusion, illusionary, illusive, Illusions.

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