Synonyms for Slick:


adept (adjective)
masterly, dexterous, savvy, masterful.
adroit (adjective)
handy, nimble, ingenious, clever, cunning, artful, smart.
artful (adjective)
wily, crafty, tricky, scheming, designing.
canny (adjective)
wary, astute, subtle, perspicacious, careful.
clever (adjective)
brilliant, witty.
crafty (adjective)
disingenuous, calculating, guileful, devious.
cunning (adjective)
masterful, foxy, deft, subtle, clever, feline, slippery, witty, crafty, scheming, astute, calculating, snaky, devious, cunning, quick, designing, skillful, wary, ingenious, shrewd, wily, smooth, serpentine, sly, masterly, canny, tricky, sharp, artful.
deceitful (adjective)
false, knavish, feline.
fashionable (adjective)
rakish, modal, dashing, Tony, showy, refined, conventional, chichi, vogue, coordinated, stylish, natty, up-to-date, smart, fancy, chic, fashionable, dapper, snappy, decorous, swank, ritzy.
flattering (adjective)
modernized (adjective)
sharp (adjective)
slick (adjective)
quick, oily, glib, wise, shrewd, sharp, canny, cagey, smooth, deft, slippery, plausible, sly, skillful, knowing, adroit, lubricious, foxy, sleek, glossy, slithery, shiny.
smooth (adjective)
sleek, varnished, marble, slilken, slippery, glossy, shiny, silky, even, velvety, level, glassy, satin-smooth, Lacquered, frictionless, streamlined, slithery, burnished, edgeless, glazed, smooth, flat, polished, satiny.


sparkling, glaring, brilliant, dazzling, glittery, glittering, bright, gleaming. hollow, insincere, pretentious, disingenuous, false, forced, lubricious, affected, studied, sugary, artificial. piece, dexterous, facile, trace, ability, a bit, handy, bit, hint, sample, taster, fragment, a little, nimble, adroit, fraction. savvy, cagey, careful, back issue, broadsheet, back-number, compact, bulletin, knowing, wise, back copy, comic book, biweekly, perspicacious, brochure, comic. crimp, surface, comb out, braid, comb, condition, words, barbershop, cornrow, backcomb, blow-dry. graceful, groom, order, fluent, fluid, gentle, lithe, balletic, supple, trim, dainty. offshore, gusher, blowout, borehole, oilman, oilfield, oil platform, oil rig, oil well, oil slick. attribute (noun)
slickness, slipperiness, slip.
slick (noun)
silken, satin, guileful, sly, foxy, plausible, slip, wily, glib, sleek, crafty, cunning, slippy, pat, glossy, silky, knavish, slickness, tricksy, satiny, slick magazine, tricky, slippery, sleek down, slipperiness, silklike, dodgy, smooth, slick down, artful.
slippery (noun)
oily, suave.


smooth (verb)
grind, level, polish, flatten, glaze, gloss, plane, burnish, sand, silken, even.

Other synonyms:

cagey, savvy, lubricious. dexterous, perspicacious. handy, nimble. adroit, facile. knowing. wise. smooth

Usage examples for slick

  1. " It's part of the plot," says I. " Tell the Professor to spread himself on the eatings, and have the rooms all fixed up slick – The House of Torchy by Sewell Ford
  2. " Oh, he's slick Luke Tweezy is," said Racey Dawson, " but like most slick gents he thinks everybody else is a fool." – The Heart of the Range by William Patterson White
  3. Silent went on: I know jest how slick Calder is. – The Untamed by Max Brand