Synonyms for Unworldly:


immaterial (adjective)
eerie, conceptual, impalpable, imaginary, spiritual, supernatural, incorporeal, ethereal, immaterial, bodiless, unearthly, theoretical, unsubstantial, imponderable, abstract, intangible.
innocent (adjective)
not sophisticated; inexperienced (adjective)
naive, green, artless, simple, natural, idealistic, unaffected, ingenuous, trusting, unsophisticated, unstudied, innocent.
spiritual (adjective)
ethereal, otherworldly, religious, incorporeal, unreal, fantastic, metaphysical, abstract, unearthly.


edgy, outlandish, strange, idiosyncratic, weird, funny, incongruous, eccentric, surreal. ethical, metaphysical, decent, proper, religious, just, irreproachable, right, virtuous, idealistic, correct, high-minded, moral. credulous, inexperienced, trusting, gullibility, an easy target, green, gullible, credulity, Deluded. numinous, body, otherworldly. guileless, natural, simple, ingenuous, unstudied, honest, innocent, artless, unaffected. unearthly (noun)
fantastic, unreal, otherworldly, preternatural.
unworldly (noun)
conventual, cloistral, hermitical, eremitical, naive, spiritual, monastical, eremitic, hermitic, cloistered, unmercenary, unearthly, unsophisticated, monastic, anchoritic, naif.

Other synonyms:

credulous, Deluded, gullibility, credulity, numinous, trusting, gullible. otherworldly, ingenuous, unstudied, guileless, religious, artless. unaffected. simple. innocent. natural. Other relevant words:
eremitical, anchoritic, gullibility, cloistral, fantastic, hermitical, inexperienced, eremitic, conventual, unaffected, credulity, otherworldly, innocent, religious, metaphysical, ingenuous, naif, monastic, numinous, hermitic, preternatural, cloistered, idealistic, natural, guileless, naive, monastical, unmercenary, simple, unsophisticated, Deluded, green, unstudied, trusting, artless, unreal.

Usage examples for unworldly

  1. One frequently finds it gentle and unworldly but the other is odious because it is always aggressive and narrow. – Esmeralda by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  2. Griefs clustered thickly about the closing years of this unworldly dreamer. – Old Calabria by Norman Douglas