Synonyms for Fancy:


beautifying (adjective)
expensive (adjective)
extravagant, ornamental (adjective)
baroque, ornate, elaborate, intricate, rococo, gingerbread, garnished, unusual, lavish, elegant, decorated, gaudy, florid, fanciful, rich, adorned, deluxe, resplendent, ostentatious, sumptuous, decorative, showy, embellished, chichi.
fashionable (adjective)
dashing, conventional, fashionable, refined, decorous, up-to-date, ritzy, vogue, coordinated, smart, dapper, showy, Tony, swank, chic, stylish, rakish, slick, modal, snappy, natty, chichi.
lacy (adjective)
ornamental (adjective)
ornamental, quaint, elegant, Enriching, Garnishing, crowning, adorned, lavish, pretty, decorated, intricate, gingerbread, picturesque, decorative, Dandifying, sumptuous, ostentatious, gaudy, Adorning, resplendent.
ornately spoken or written (adjective)
bloated, ornate, flamboyant, lofty, rococo, inflated, high-sounding, voluble, opulent, florid, elaborate, highfalutin, grandiloquent, gilded, rich, baroque, embellished, rhetorical, ponderous, splashy, eloquent, showy, flowery, bombastic.
special (adjective)
choice, superior, unusual, excellent, deluxe.


look for, aspire, lust after, have your heart set on (doing) something. awesome, awe-inspiring, conjecture, conceive, commendable, respected, noteworthy, enviable, praiseworthy, assume, suppose, heroic, distinguished, imagine, admirable. imagination, leaning, love affair, penchant, imaginativeness, preference, attachment, bond, real, predilection, taste. fiction, inclusive, good, figment, all in, Phantasm, Phantasma, chargeable, half-price, all-inclusive, extra, daydream, Discounted, basic. confusing, contorted, Boutade, notion, freak, conceit, megrim, difficult, confused, impulse, humor, incomprehensible, bee. liking, mirage, myth, optical illusion, mind, will, falsehood, fraud, imaginings, pleasure, a figment of your imagination. edible, flavorful, tasty, tangy, juicy, appetizing, succulent, full, delicious, palatable, love, passion, amorousness. excite, randy, hot, arouse, on the pull, excited, frisky. bejeweled, beaded, chintzy, delicate, bedecked, embossed, Emblazoned, delicately. contemplate, read into, have visions of (doing) something, visualization, think up. flashy, in style, fashion-conscious, designer, upmarket, upscale. caprice (noun)
changeability, impulsiveness, arbitrariness, indecisiveness, fickleness, randomness, whimsy, vacillation, flightiness, fancifulness, whim, volatility, fluctuation, vagary, fleetingness, caprice, sporadicalness, fitfulness.
cognition (noun)
fantasy, phantasy, illusion.
desire (noun)
fancy (noun)
crenellated, vermiculate, puff, indented, embattled, damascened, rich, crenelate, see, churrigueresco, damascene, garnished, envision, castled, dressy, go for, baroque, vermicular, florid, fantasy, rococo, crackle, fussy, picture, take to, elaborate, lacelike, aureate, churrigueresque, figure, partiality, crenelated, luxuriant, visualise, visualize, phantasy, castellated, puffed, damask, busy, vermiculated, showy, battlemented, image, project, fondness, crenellate, fanciful, illusion, flamboyant, lacy.
imagination (noun)
imaginativeness, visualization.
impulse, urge (noun)
conceit, notion, will, pleasure, visualization, caprice, humor, vagary, liking, whim, mind, imagination.
liking, dream (noun)
illusion, imaginativeness, daydream, Phantasm, mirage, figment, preference, itch, fondness, penchant, partiality, predilection, fantasy.
love (noun)


choose (verb)
determine, elect, wish, select, favor, choose, prefer, espouse, decide, like, judge, pick, adopt.
desire (verb)
grasp, itch, want, expect, hope, need, crave, yearn, long, thirst, hunger, pine, hanker, lust, welcome, covet, desire.
imagine, create (verb)
envision, conceive, image, picture, conjecture, think up, visualize, suppose.
love, desire (verb)
desire, prefer, lust after, crave, take to, favor, like.

Other synonyms:

assume, amorousness, imaginativeness, half-price, freak, Discounted, upscale, love, Boutade, all-inclusive, fashion-conscious, megrim, imagine, upmarket, all in. fiction, Phantasma, intricate, chargeable, daydream, flashy, impulse. conceit, bee, elegant, liking, designer, Phantasm, basic, conceive, inclusive. extra, passion. pleasure. will. mind. good. believe
take to.
figment, illusion.
Other relevant words:
fantasy, conceive, conceit, Boutade, go for, fondness, imaginativeness, notion, excellent, imagination, partiality, preference, assume, phantasy, love, liking, suppose, pleasure, elegant, megrim, mind, fanciful, take to, freak, imagine.

Usage examples for fancy

  1. " We don't have no call for anything as fancy as that, ma'am," he said. – The Late Mrs. Null by Frank Richard Stockton
  2. If to this or that one should Take a fancy it is good. – Tobogganing On Parnassus by Franklin P. Adams
  3. I fancy you are right, sir. – My Man Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse