Synonyms for Bent:


all (adjective)
dead set, out to, bent on.
crooked (adjective)
crooked, slanted, sloped, angular, twisted, tilted, leaning.
curved (adjective)
contorted, rounded, hooked, hanging, lordotic, curvilinear, arced, arched, serpentine, angled, crooked, parabolic, wilted, twined, curved, drooping, sagging, humped, bowed, limp, beaked, bowlegged, doubled over, arciform, sinuous, humpbacked, slumped, hunched, inclined, twisted, looped, stooped, warped.
damaged (adjective)
deformed (adjective)
contorted, disfigured, asymmetrical, corrupt, misshapen, irregular, freakish, warped, deformed, awry, distorted, lopsided, perverse, mangled, cockeyed, humpbacked, flawed, crooked.
determined (adjective)
fixed, intent, set, resolute, leaning, decided.
diagonal (adjective)
biased, angled, sloping, aslant, leaning, diagonal, crosswise, Deviated, indirect, devious, inclined, slanting.
dishonest (adjective)
irregular (adjective)
oblique (adjective)
round (adjective)


aptitude, talent, gift, experience, proficiency, mastery, skill, prowess, ability, competence. chunky, aerodynamic, determined, bulbous, intent, concave, clean, fixed, decide, closed, concentric, decided. deceitful, dishonest, dubious, cunning, untruthful, unprincipled, unscrupulous. angularity (noun)
deviation, deviousness, slope, indirection, angularity.
bent (noun)
bowed, damaged, bended, crooked, out to, inclined, hang, set, crumpled, bent on, dead set, intent on, resolute, knack, bentgrass, bent-grass, dented, unerect.
bent on (noun)
gift, disposition, inclination, aptitude, intent on, ability, predisposition, propensity, tendency, penchant, leaning, knack, proclivity, talent.
cognition (noun)
crookedness (noun)
crookedness, tilt.
inclination; talent (noun)
disposition, ability, propensity, aptitude, tilt, penchant, gift, tendency, predisposition, knack, predilection, proclivity.
tendency (noun)
predisposition, leaning, course, proneness, predilection, tendency, inclination, proclivity, aptness, bias, affinity, temperament, grain, trend, disposition, tenor, penchant, polarity, direction, propensity.


bent (verb)
warped, Deflected, Refracted, Flexed, twisted.
complied (verb)
Complied, Consented, fulfilled, Acquiesced, Submitted, kowtowed, bowed, knuckled under, Yielded, agreed, Capitulated, respected, Genuflected, surrendered, Adhered, Conformed, Obeyed, Concurred, observed, accepted, Assented, Ceded, Succumbed, deferred, Caved.
curved (verb)
Cambered, Hanged, Swerved, Sagged, swept.
deformed (verb)
mangled, perverted, corrupted.

Other synonyms:

arced, ability, concentric, butch, concave, aerodynamic, arciform, sinuous, curvilinear. closed, intent, chunky. talent. decided, determined. fixed, gift. clean. bandy-legged
bent grass

Usage examples for bent

  1. She bent forward a little, so that he might see it. – The Iron Woman by Margaret Deland
  2. " We all seem to be bent on marriage," said Mallow, rising to take his leave. – The Secret Passage by Fergus Hume