Synonyms for Workmanlike:


skillfully, accomplished, barnstorming, tight, slick, nice. workmanlike (noun)

Other synonyms:

barnstorming, nice. tight, accomplished. Other relevant words:
slick, barnstorming, accomplished.

Usage examples for workmanlike

  1. And if you put it to me as an engineer, young gentlemen, I shall say that was the most extraordinary instance of going through unknown country on workmanlike basis I ever heard of in all my life! – The Young Alaskans on the Missouri by Emerson Hough
  2. Dr. Anderson came out to meet the new- comers, Norah and Tommy, neat and workmanlike Jim, bearing their luggage; and Mr. Linton and Bob sharing a large humper, into which Brownie had packed everything eatable she could find- and Brownie's capacity for finding things eatable at short notice was one of her most astonishing traits. – Back To Billabong by Mary Grant Bruce
  3. Joan and Nancy, in workmanlike tweeds, gave him smiling welcome. – The Honour of the Clintons by Archibald Marshall