Synonyms for Slosh:


spray, stroll, step, walk, dash, amble, hike, bespatter, trek, wander, saunter, stride, stray, strike. break, burst, catch, channel, come in, deepen, crest, course, cast up. slosh (noun)
slop, squelch, squish, slush, slush around, slosh around, splash, splosh.


bolt (verb)
dip (verb)
immerse, rinse, submerge, drench, douse, soak, splash.
douse (verb)
drown, saturate, deluge.
flood (verb)
drench, deluge, imbue, inundate, engulf, submerge, sluice, shower, douse, saturate, flood, immerse, soak, rinse, drown, swamp.
overflow (verb)
shower, engulf, inundate, swamp, spray.
perception (verb)
splash, splosh, slush.

Other synonyms:

bespatter. spray. dash. overflow
Other relevant words:
slush, slop, spray, splosh, bespatter, dash, squish, squelch, slosh around, strike, slush around, splash, catch.

Usage examples for slosh

  1. She was the Mary V who would move heaven and earth and slosh all the water out of our five oceans in her headlong determination to do what she had set out to do. – The Thunder Bird by B. M. Bower