Synonyms for Jam:


bang out, articulation, accompany, atmospherics, back, baton, blast away, blast, arrange. bumper-to-bumper, filter, congestion charge, hold up, busy, bind, trouble, back up. dutch, quagmire, stress, battle, soup, hot water, tragedy, spot, hot spot, easy, nightmare, corner, worst-case scenario, crisis, scrape, box, deep water. load, full, bruise, harm, injure, tighten, jam-pack, wound, burn. deactivate, disengage, flip off, flash, disable, cut, flick, cannibalize. failure, shutdown, breakdown, gremlin, bug, fault. shove, jab, heave, shoulder, thrust, strain, push, thrust aside, jar, prod. call-in, call up, answer, caller, dial, cut off, busy signal, call back, call. peanut butter, caviar, butter, preserve, paste. radar, footprint, cell, get, interference, GPS, ghosting, pick up, directional. pack in, saturate, stock. jam session, phrasing, the Proms, production number, performance, hula, promenade concert, concert. crisis (noun)
difficulty (noun)
quandary, bafflement.
hindrance (noun)
congestion, encumbrance, constraint, resistance, impediment, impedance, damper, frustration, entrapment, drawback, hurdle, obstruction, entanglement, complication, restraint, impasse, blockade, disadvantage, constipation, stoppage, restriction, deterrent, hindrance, barrier, blockage, inhibition, interruption, opposition, obstacle, bafflement.
jam (noun)
obturate, block, cram, electronic jamming, impede, pickle, pack, chock up, mess, obstruct, ram, fix, mob, close up, stuff, press, jamming, muddle, pile, wad, fill, kettle of fish, crush, fill up, throng, jampack, occlude.
predicament (noun)
plight, dilemma, difficulty, pickle, problem, predicament, perplexity, quandary, fix, ordeal.
preserves (noun)
stalemate (noun)
troublesome situation (noun)
pickle, corner, spot, problem, difficulty, quandary, scrape, box, predicament, hot water, fix, dilemma, trouble, plight, bind.


close (verb)
lock, bolt, barricade, latch, secure, seal, join, shut, close, fasten.
contact (verb)
hinder (verb)
clog, hamstring, catch, impede, restrict, snarl, oppose, check, obstruct, choke, interrupt, detain, block, constipate, foul, bung, congest, frustrate, cramp, inhibit, encumber, curb, baffle, resist, plug, hamper, delay, bar, complicate, snag, constrain, cripple, stop, paralyze, tangle, bottleneck, stay, deter, hinder, impair, restrain, brake, entrap, dam, entangle, counter, fetter, handicap, drag, thwart, crimp, mire, burden.
motion (verb)
pile, pack, throng, mob.
perform music (verb)
perform, practice, solo, serenade, play, harmonize, sing, gig.
preserves (verb)
squeeze in; compress (verb)
crush, cram, press, pack, clog, jam-pack, congest, obstruct, ram, throng, push, wad, stuff, block.

Other synonyms:

GPS, concert, immobilization, radar, peanut butter, bind, jam-pack, promenade concert, gridlock, the Proms, congestion charge, deep water, dutch, caviar, shutdown, ghosting, bumper-to-bumper, hula, production number, hot spot, jam session. phrasing, butter, box, interference, saturate, preserve, hot water, soup, directional, hold up. tie up, breakdown, busy. pack in, quagmire, scrape. paste, footprint, spot, fault. performance, corner, filter. back up. trouble, cell. stock. spread. pick up. get. cram
pack in.
jelly, conserve.
Other relevant words:
jelly, stuff, ram, throng, mess, push, cram, press, hot water, crush, box, wad, scrape, shove, pack, jam-pack.

Usage examples for jam

  1. Smoke counted eight men and two women in this party, and before the way across the jam ice was won, he and Shorty had passed another party twenty strong. – Smoke Bellew by Jack London
  2. Well, old man, recovered yet From the Mather's jam last night? – Point Lace and Diamonds by George A. Baker, Jr.