Synonyms for Baton:


arrange, atmospherics, articulation, blast, accompany, blast away, bang out, beat out, back. commitment, guardianship, duty, obligation, accountability, compulsion, responsibility, concern, onus, trust. clock, come in, come, false start, ahead, the blocks, dead heat, drop back, dash. majorette, drum majorette, drum major, marching band. master of ceremonies, crown jewels, pageantry, mc, bearer, emcee, cavalcade, mace. cuffs, breathalyzer, flak jacket, Denver boot, body armor, chevron, boot, cruiser. artifact (noun)
badge (noun)
emblem, ermine, mortarboard, wand, uniform, pall, tiara, ring, badge, signet, insignia, mantle, seal, orb, crown, scepter, coronet, pin, talisman, regalia, tartan, staff.
baton (noun)
rod, stick, staff.
stick (noun)
club, stick, rod.
stick used for conducting or for protection (noun)
wand, mace, rod, staff, club.
weapon (noun)

Other synonyms:

drop back, blast, master of ceremonies, drum majorette, false start, rod, blast away, mace, dead heat, bang out, atmospherics, Denver boot, flak jacket, arrange, breathalyzer, body armor, beat out, pageantry, majorette, clock. crown jewels, cavalcade, bearer, dash. boot, mc, emcee, club, accompany, come in. come, back. ahead. shoot
Other relevant words:
articulation, breathalyzer, arrange, obligation, compulsion, chevron, blast, cruiser, mc, clock, accompany, come, boot, pageantry, emcee, atmospherics, cuffs, bearer, concern, commitment, rod, stick, cavalcade, accountability, mace, club, guardianship, majorette, responsibility, trust, ahead, duty, dash, back, onus.

Usage examples for baton

  1. " Yassir, genelmun, hit remine me uv de time when Kernel Poindexter an' Mistah Fontaine had a quarrel ovah a fox- chase down in Baton Rouge-" " Confine yourself to the case," said Budlong. – Shawn of Skarrow by James Tandy Ellis