Synonyms for Fur:


angora, camelhair, felt, coonskin, cashmere, alpaca. bolero, bomber jacket, fell, duffel coat, surface, dj, anorak. armour, beard, dewlap, dander, exoskeleton, camouflage, armor. chiffon, dacron, leatherette, lame, Lurex, elastic, chenille. clothing (noun)
dinner jacket, habit, pyjamas, homburg, apparel, blue jeans, gown, pull over, brassiere, shorts, smock, scarf, v neck, raincoat, chapeau, raiment, skirt, garment, bowler, beret, vestment, poncho, costume, garb, smoking jacket, duds, afghan, attire, cloak, dressing gown, sarong, trench coat, chemise, footgear, kilt, blazer, jacket, hat, camisole, panties, nightgown, greatcoat, pajamas, pea coat, robe, dress, array, t-shirt, corset, bonnet, bathrobe, ensemble, sweat suit, fedora, shoes, crinoline, turtle-neck, slacks, frock, tuxedo, outfit, trimming, pants, pinafore, clothing, sports coat, halter, boot, tunic, sweater, jersey, sari, stetson, trousers, petticoat, blouse, shirt, wrapper, topcoat, vesture, pillbox, evening gown, clothes, suit, fez, windbreaker, wrap, mackintosh, shawl, doublet, coat, housecoat, parka, headdress, overcoat, slicker, caftan, ulster, cape, stockings, kimono, sweat shirt, burnoose, jumper.
covering (noun)
fabric (noun)
fur (noun)
hair on animals (noun)
coat, fluff, wool, pelt, jacket, brush.
pelt (noun)
fluff, rabbit, chinchilla, fleece, marten, gray fox, karakul, white fox, Persian Lamb, weasel, Manchurian dog, leopard, bearskin, Alaska seal, hair, stone marten, wool, cross fox, Russian pony, fitch, lamb, skunk, Hudson Seal, Chinese weasel, leopard cat, silver muskrat, cony, sheepskin, otter, brush, American broadtail, calfskin, American Mink, ermine, mink, squirrel, wolverine, Chinese mink, fox, muskrat, blue fox, red fox, silver fox, Kolinsky, monkey, astrakhan, raccoon, mouton, beaver, kidskin.
substance (noun)

Other synonyms:

chiffon, dacron, hair, astrakhan, wool, fluff, leatherette, Lurex, chenille. elastic. fell, lame. wool
Other relevant words:
cashmere, dewlap, fluff, karakul, bolero, monkey, ermine, otter, chiffon, felt, brush, weasel, beard, bearskin, chenille, fox, hair, wolverine, anorak, armour, camelhair, sheepskin, elastic, chinchilla, camouflage, dj, mouton, fell, armor, leopard, lamb, exoskeleton, skunk, dacron, calfskin, rabbit, alpaca, mink, marten, raccoon, leatherette, pelt, squirrel, white fox, beaver, wool, surface, muskrat, fleece, lame, angora, kidskin, coonskin, dander, fitch, astrakhan, Lurex, Kolinsky, cony.

Usage examples for fur

  1. Rubbed his fur the wrong way this morning pretty hard. – Out of the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet
  2. When the year was up, Anthony Waidlinger drove his two oxen with a sullen air into my stable, and said: 'Now you may cut off your fur and have a pillow made from it for your wife. – Andreas Hofer by Lousia Muhlbach
  3. " I guess I wouldn't go very fur into pertic'lers," said Mrs. Bixbee in a warning tone. – The Christmas Story from David Harum by Edward Noyes Westcott