Synonyms for Sweater:


guernsey, shrug, ski, polo-neck, Aran Isle, barrel, twin set, turtleneck pullover, long-sleeved, crew neck, cashmere, cotton, evening, short-sleeved, Fair Isle, norwegian, sleeveless, sweatshirt, cardigan, wool, pullover, sport. artifact (noun)
clothing (noun)
dressing gown, poncho, chapeau, slicker, outfit, chemise, camisole, doublet, mackintosh, evening gown, suit, shoes, fur, blazer, coat, brassiere, habit, pants, kimono, array, sarong, scarf, topcoat, ensemble, ulster, headdress, wrapper, clothing, housecoat, frock, tunic, hat, nightgown, pyjamas, shorts, pea coat, robe, wrap, pajamas, trousers, attire, jumper, sweat suit, cape, trench coat, jersey, skirt, windbreaker, parka, pinafore, stockings, dinner jacket, vesture, sports coat, t-shirt, caftan, fez, slacks, stetson, tuxedo, shirt, bonnet, smock, pillbox, gown, trimming, shawl, greatcoat, halter, duds, kilt, pull over, bathrobe, garment, v neck, smoking jacket, vestment, homburg, garb, beret, fedora, raiment, raincoat, dress, boot, blue jeans, sari, cloak, crinoline, costume, overcoat, sweat shirt, panties, afghan, jacket, burnoose, apparel, footgear, turtle-neck, blouse, petticoat, bowler, clothes, corset.
knitted jacket or jersey (noun)
sweatshirt, shrug, jumper, jersey, cardigan, pullover.
sweater (noun)

Other synonyms:

cardigan, pullover, sweatshirt, polo-neck. shrug, crew neck, guernsey. Other relevant words:
cardigan, pullover, perspirer, sweatshirt, polo-neck.

Usage examples for sweater

  1. Here Bud's prolonged search resulted in the discovery of the letter's outline under his sweater and he extracted it by way of the neck of that elastic garment. – A Tar-Heel Baron by Mabell Shippie Clarke Pelton
  2. " Fasten up that sweater around your throat," said Heyl. – Fanny Herself by Edna Ferber