Synonyms for Smock:


jumpsuit, burka, apron, coveralls, Overalls, burqa, oilskins, coverall, work dress. dress shirt, kameez, boob tube, kaftan, kurta, crop top, dickey. bathrobe (noun)
kimono, housecoat, wrapper, dressing gown.
chemise (noun)
dress, shirt, camisole.
clothing (noun)
dress, cape, ensemble, wrap, kimono, petticoat, hat, raiment, garb, crinoline, homburg, tunic, shirt, duds, stockings, pea coat, frock, shawl, vestment, dressing gown, parka, garment, raincoat, headdress, evening gown, slacks, afghan, poncho, pyjamas, sari, boot, tuxedo, brassiere, blazer, smoking jacket, ulster, overcoat, chapeau, bathrobe, chemise, topcoat, trimming, apparel, housecoat, gown, camisole, turtle-neck, pull over, t-shirt, trench coat, stetson, doublet, robe, trousers, panties, shoes, coat, wrapper, blouse, pajamas, greatcoat, jersey, mackintosh, costume, jacket, nightgown, jumper, sports coat, burnoose, vesture, beret, shorts, attire, bonnet, array, pillbox, scarf, footgear, fur, caftan, pinafore, halter, pants, windbreaker, clothing, outfit, sweater, fedora, blue jeans, sarong, slicker, dinner jacket, corset, sweat suit, sweat shirt, kilt, v neck, suit, habit, clothes, bowler, skirt, fez, cloak.
dress (noun)
outfit, pinafore, frock, robe, costume, gown, habit, raiment, suit, apparel, attire, vestment, garb, ensemble, duds, skirt.
smock (noun)
gabardine, duster, gaberdine, dust coat.
tog (noun)
clothing, garment, clothes.


cover (verb)

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
dust coat, Overalls, kaftan, apron, gaberdine, gabardine, coverall, duster.

Usage examples for smock

  1. On went the new smock over her head in a twinkling. – The Little House in the Fairy Wood by Ethel Cook Eliot
  2. He opened a cupboard and took our two long smock frocks, which he and his companion put on. – Bonnie Prince Charlie A Tale of Fontenoy and Culloden by G. A. Henty