Synonyms for Shell:


belly, body, anatomical, nut, pod, blowhole, antler, shard, integument, arm, bony, anatomy. bonnet, bodywork, bull bar, axle, chassis, bumper, boot, projectile. seashell, exoskeleton, brush, coat, down, beard, armour, dander, dewlap, camouflage. bomb out, bomb, blitz, attack, carve up, bombard, carpet bomb, counterattack, detonate. caliber, buckshot, blank, bandolier, cartridge, calibre, blank cartridge, flak, dum-dum. gable, front, corner, damp, frieze, clerestory, baseboard, facing, firewall, dado. bone, blend, blanch, bake, butchery, butcher, chill, butter, carve. shell (noun)
crush, carapace, beat, sheathing, beat out, Lorication, racing shell, sheath, armor, cuticle, eggshell, hull, case, shelled, strafe, trounce, vanquish, scale, plate, crust, husk, blast, casing.
skin (noun)
structure; covering (noun)
crust, hull, carapace, case, husk, chassis, scale, integument, nut, pod, shard.
weapon (noun)
colt, shooter, heater, scimitar, Bilbo, blowgun, club, spear, javelin, rifle, claymore, lance, Remington, howitzer, armament, firearm, torpedo, revolver, handgun, musket, flamethrower, saber, browning, battery, ordnance, pistol, peashooter, rocket, cutlass, bullet, luger, dagger, rapier, carbine, ammunition, broadsword, blunderbuss, boomerang, stiletto, machine gun, bomber, sidewinder, machete, winchester, sword, muzzle, knife, missile, arrow, mortar, cannon, artillery, bazooka, trigger, bow and arrow, shotgun, piece, bayonet, repeater, weaponry, mace, ax, blowpipe, weapon, gun.


competition (verb)
creation (verb)

Other synonyms:

coat. bomb
shelled, strafe.
Other relevant words:
bombard, shelled, pod, beat, integument, blast, chassis, blank cartridge, nut, scale, cuticle, crush, eggshell, vanquish, strafe, front, buckshot, cartridge, coat, trounce, seashell, projectile, beat out, bomb, shard, blitz, racing shell, attack, facing.

Usage examples for shell

  1. The shell is pure white in itself. – The Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds, Volume 1 by Allan O. Hume
  2. Then they would have a nicer house than this old shell and perhaps they would let me live with them!" – Tempest and Sunshine by Mary J. Holmes
  3. " But, Ena," he said, " if he really does shell out, won't you be sailing rather close to the wind?" – Jeanne of the Marshes by E. Phillips Oppenheim