Synonyms for Strap:


join, secure, strop, fix, attach, leash. bleed, catheterize, attend, anaesthetize, anesthetize, bypass, bandage, cauterize, bring back. breast pocket, collar, bib, arm, armhole, coattails, bodice, care label, buttonhole. bogie, berth, buffet, carriage, baggage car, car, caboose, boxcar, cab, cable car. filament, length, stick, line, pole, strip, spring. cord (noun)
fastener (noun)
hawser, vise, thread, hook, buckle, link, cincture, belt, seal, paste, suture, rabbet, spike, rivet, lace, connector, guy, band, fuse, ligament, bracket, clinch, knot, pin, weld, cinch, clip, cleat, anchor, fastener, clasp, stitch, chain, clamp, stay, bond, hinge, Vinculum, agent, coupling, nail, button, mucilage, lock, medium, closure, hitch, string, splice, snap, middleman, cement, latch, go-between, tie, skewer, catch, cotter, brad, tack, zipper, staple, mediator, hasp, binder, bonding, brace, knitting, grapnel, twine, binding, fastening, braid, glue, bolt.
long piece of material (noun)
strop, belt, whip, switch, leash, band, thong, tie.
punishment device (noun)
scaffold, rope, cane, guillotine, electric chair, maiden, ax, cowhide, truncheon, rack, pillory, whip, thong, torture chamber, noose, iron, gallows, birch rod, bull whip, captivity, stocks, rawhide, block, stake, gibbet, solitary confinement, lash, jail, switch, whipping post, gas chamber, prison, thumbscrew, rod.
strap (noun)
shoulder strap, lash, whip, slash, lather, flog, trounce, welt.
tie (noun)
tie, ligament, zipper.


fasten (verb)
knit, couple, zip, fasten, plait, bind, sew, tether, connect, baste, weave.

Other synonyms:

filament. pole. length. spring. strip. stick. line. support
Other relevant words:
leash, welt, flog, attach, stick, strip, strop, trounce, buffet, fix, line, length, bandage, slash, secure, shoulder strap, join, lather.

Usage examples for strap

  1. A few days after, the slaveholder's son confessed that he stole the strap himself." – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  2. Plainly she wanted to see Bob in socks and strap slippers, of the sort her boy would have worn. – Red Pepper Burns by Grace S. Richmond
  3. He had his skates dangling over his shoulder by a strap and Hugh could actually catch his whistle as he strode along. – The Chums of Scranton High at Ice Hockey by Donald Ferguson