Synonyms for Duds:


get up. article of clothing (noun)
artifact (noun)
togs, threads.
clothes (noun)
threads, outfit, frock, dress, apparel, raiment, garb, garments, costume, array.
clothing (noun)
raiment, pea coat, petticoat, habit, panties, mackintosh, greatcoat, pull over, bowler, pyjamas, smock, tuxedo, vesture, tunic, outfit, sweat shirt, shorts, dress, blazer, fur, brassiere, pinafore, stetson, garment, camisole, dinner jacket, dressing gown, windbreaker, crinoline, nightgown, sarong, pants, t-shirt, attire, caftan, coat, halter, sweat suit, jersey, boot, jacket, trimming, sports coat, footgear, kilt, corset, gown, cloak, parka, pajamas, wrapper, sweater, clothes, garb, blue jeans, sari, overcoat, chemise, slacks, homburg, costume, poncho, shawl, fedora, v neck, suit, bonnet, pillbox, hat, ulster, fez, trousers, beret, array, shoes, vestment, afghan, topcoat, shirt, housecoat, trench coat, cape, doublet, burnoose, smoking jacket, skirt, raincoat, robe, scarf, bathrobe, slicker, jumper, evening gown, blouse, clothing, kimono, chapeau, turtle-neck, headdress, stockings, wrap, ensemble, frock, apparel.
clothing (plural) (noun)
overcoats, Afghans, mackintoshes, pillboxes, jackets, brassieres, outfits, nightgowns, headdresses, capes, berets, kimonos, Jerseys, topcoats, sweat suits, pea coats, smoking jackets, coats, frocks, v-necks, wraps, corsets, crinolines, bowlers, housecoats, trench coats, jumpers, Doublets, dresses, smocks, saris, hats, caftans, turtle-necks, blazers, vestments, sweat shirts, Scarves, camisoles, shawls, costumes, shirts, ensembles, gowns, sweaters, bathrobes, pull-overs, cloaks, furs, sports coats, kilts, Stetsons, pinafores, garbs, bonnets, fedoras, wrappers, Habits, greatcoats, garments, skirts, blouses, apparels, sarongs, Boots, tunics, chemises, burnooses, slickers, dinner jackets, tuxedoes, vestures, t-shirts, suits, trimmings, halters, robes, evening gowns, dressing gowns, raincoats, windbreakers, parkas, Ponchos, petticoats.
duds (noun)
togs, threads.
garb (noun)
inferiors (noun)
losers, second bananas, flops, inferiors, has-beens, subordinates, Turkeys, failures, born losers, underdogs, underachievers, second strings, rejects, lemons, second fiddles, nonstarters, underlings, also-rans, seconds, subalterns.

Other synonyms:

get up. Other relevant words:
threads, gear, togs.

Usage examples for duds

  1. She can take this grand opportunity I got for her or she can pack up her duds and clear out- for good! – In a Little Town by Rupert Hughes