Synonyms for Skirt:


edge (adjective)


bearing, divided skirt, carriage, belt, ancillary, ball bearing, cam, culottes, miniskirt, dirndl, pleated skirt, tutu, chamber, camshaft, muu-muu, button, suit skirt, hoopskirt, fustanella, harem skirt, bucket, broomstick skirt, pannier, hobble skirt, kirtle. care label, buttonhole, armhole, fringe, verge, collar, coattails, breast pocket, margin, arm, bodice, rim, bib. detour, bypass, formal, evening dress, seek, ballgown, go around, cocktail dress, circumnavigate, cheongsam. encircle, envelop, kettle, engulf, contain, enclose. environs, mince (your) words, suburb, intimate, outskirt, imply, get at, convey, obliqueness. border, edge (noun)
fringe, margin, rim, verge.
clothing (noun)
chemise, halter, burnoose, blouse, ensemble, trimming, corset, trousers, mackintosh, clothes, pants, stockings, footgear, turtle-neck, pajamas, nightgown, tunic, trench coat, housecoat, habit, frock, bonnet, gown, boot, garb, v neck, array, bathrobe, sarong, pull over, raincoat, afghan, headdress, clothing, beret, poncho, sweat suit, robe, shawl, blue jeans, smoking jacket, dressing gown, brassiere, pillbox, homburg, sweater, crinoline, sports coat, sweat shirt, stetson, panties, raiment, parka, jumper, ulster, cape, caftan, pinafore, topcoat, costume, slicker, vesture, coat, shirt, bowler, t-shirt, camisole, greatcoat, pyjamas, petticoat, fedora, shoes, wrapper, overcoat, outfit, vestment, fez, doublet, cloak, dinner jacket, kimono, jacket, hat, smock, chapeau, apparel, kilt, tuxedo, pea coat, garment, slacks, fur, duds, wrap, blazer, attire, jersey, shorts, windbreaker, suit, sari, evening gown, dress, scarf.
ladies' garment that hangs from waist (noun)
tutu, dress, culottes, kilt, sarong, petticoat, pannier, dirndl.
skirt (noun)
elude, bird, border, sidestep, hedge, chick, circumvent, surround, dodge, evade, put off, duck, doll, parry, wench, fudge, dame.


avoid; get around (verb)
detour, bypass, duck, dodge, elude, hedge, evade, circumvent, circumnavigate, sidestep.
border; be on the edge (verb)

Other synonyms:

outskirt, circumnavigate. bypass, detour, imply, suburb. convey, get at, environs. margin, fringe. avoid
dodge, bypass.
put off.
Other relevant words:
cocktail dress, dame, wench, cheongsam, convey, margin, belt, outskirt, kirtle, hoopskirt, tutu, duck, fringe, dirndl, pannier, evade, culottes, environs, enclose, hedge, encircle, chick, parry, miniskirt, elude, hobble skirt, bypass, circumnavigate, dodge, border, sidestep, broomstick skirt, suburb, surround, muu-muu, fudge, detour, circumvent, rim, bird, verge, doll.

Usage examples for skirt

  1. Struggling free from Louise's clinging hands, she kicked off her shoes and tucked up her skirt – Hoofbeats on the Turnpike by Mildred A. Wirt
  2. Paste the skirt to the waist at the belt, bring the edges of the slit together at the back, lap them, and paste. – Little Folks' Handy Book by Lina Beard Adelia B. Beard
  3. I will wear a skirt – Joe Burke's Last Stand by John Moncure Wetterau