Synonyms for Fox:


fraud, fixer, liar, hypocrite, CONMAN, trickster, rascal, cheat, politician, brown-nose, crook, wheeler dealer. bearskin, cashmere, camelhair, felt, coonskin. anteater, bighorn sheep, black bear, badger, bat, angora. bamboozle, distract, disorient, preoccupy, divert. doll, femme fatale, temptress, sex kitten, cracker, dumb blond, a blonde bombshell. canine (noun)
coyote, wolf, dingo, hyena.
dish (noun)
sex kitten.
fox (noun)
dodger, discombobulate, bedevil, confound, fuddle, trick, fob, pull a fast one on, slyboots, play a trick on, throw, befuddle, George Fox, confuse, Charles James Fox.
person (noun)
George Fox, Charles James Fox.
vermin (noun)
weasel, rat.


fool (verb)
play a trick on, cheat.
outwit (verb)
outwit/outsmart (verb)
trick, pull a fast one on, confuse.

Other synonyms:

sex kitten, temptress, femme fatale. cracker. charles james fox
Charles James Fox.
play a trick on.
Other relevant words:
slyboots, rascal, bedevil, throw, bat, doll, fuddle, George Fox, discombobulate, disorient, pull a fast one on, confound, cheat, play a trick on, fob, temptress, Charles James Fox, trickster, befuddle, confuse, dodger, trick.

Usage examples for fox

  1. George Fox was a pioneer in the spiritual world. – A Book of Quaker Saints by Lucy Violet Hodgkin
  2. Do you know where Mrs. Fox went to? – Saturday's Child by Kathleen Norris
  3. In it Charles Fox was secretary for foreign affairs, and Lord Shelburne had the home department, including the colonies. – Benjamin Franklin by John Torrey Morse, Jr.