Synonyms for Pinafore:


jumpsuit, coveralls, oilskins, Overalls, burqa, burka. cocktail dress, ballgown, cheongsam, dirndl, evening dress, formal. artifact (noun)
jumper, pinny.
clothing (noun)
evening gown, attire, brassiere, garment, corset, blazer, dressing gown, smoking jacket, fez, blue jeans, doublet, duds, chemise, poncho, coat, trench coat, vesture, garb, pull over, raincoat, gown, cape, wrapper, t-shirt, dress, costume, petticoat, pillbox, bathrobe, camisole, outfit, shirt, clothing, jumper, tunic, overcoat, shorts, pajamas, afghan, habit, ulster, nightgown, sweater, homburg, headdress, jacket, mackintosh, smock, fedora, panties, scarf, burnoose, skirt, shoes, kimono, caftan, sports coat, sari, parka, suit, tuxedo, slicker, beret, pyjamas, sweat shirt, bowler, jersey, clothes, vestment, crinoline, hat, halter, pants, trimming, stockings, slacks, dinner jacket, windbreaker, stetson, apparel, array, cloak, topcoat, greatcoat, pea coat, trousers, chapeau, sweat suit, kilt, v neck, raiment, sarong, blouse, wrap, boot, footgear, turtle-neck, robe, fur, housecoat, ensemble, shawl, frock, bonnet.
dress (noun)
costume, suit, smock, habit, gown, raiment, attire, vestment, duds, garb, robe, frock, skirt, apparel, outfit, ensemble.
pinafore (noun)
jumper, pinny.
smock (noun)
apron, overskirt.

Other synonyms:

jumpsuit, coveralls. apron. Other relevant words:
overskirt, pinny, burka, ballgown, dirndl, apron, burqa, formal, oilskins, Overalls, cheongsam, coveralls, jumpsuit.

Usage examples for pinafore

  1. Run along and change your pinafore Master Garthie. – The Rosary by Florence L. Barclay
  2. And they all turned their eyes on a flying bundle of curls, rosy cheeks, fat legs and clean pinafore that came speeding towards old Josey, with another young feminine creature scampering after it crying: Ipsie! – God's Good Man by Marie Corelli