Synonyms for Halter:


dickey, crop top, boob tube, kurta, dress shirt, kaftan, kameez. clip, cable, chain, twine, cord, string, rubber band, safety belt. bridle (noun)
hackamore, leash, rein.
clothing (noun)
dinner jacket, homburg, bathrobe, robe, hat, headdress, trimming, shoes, brassiere, overcoat, outfit, pull over, dressing gown, raincoat, vesture, beret, petticoat, nightgown, frock, crinoline, habit, raiment, turtle-neck, doublet, stetson, wrap, blue jeans, slacks, housecoat, clothes, tuxedo, chemise, pea coat, smock, bowler, apparel, burnoose, pants, camisole, tunic, ensemble, trousers, fez, jacket, parka, gown, smoking jacket, coat, pajamas, pinafore, bonnet, v neck, shawl, afghan, shorts, stockings, corset, panties, duds, cloak, sari, pyjamas, wrapper, footgear, scarf, slicker, kimono, fedora, attire, array, skirt, poncho, trench coat, kilt, clothing, pillbox, garment, cape, t-shirt, jersey, sweat shirt, costume, sweater, fur, caftan, blazer, boot, suit, windbreaker, vestment, sarong, shirt, blouse, topcoat, dress, garb, evening gown, mackintosh, sports coat, greatcoat, sweat suit, chapeau, ulster, jumper.
cord (noun)
garment (noun)
halter (noun)
cramp, haltere, hamper, balancer, strangle, hackamore.
harness (noun)
holder, bit, rope, leash, rein, tie, strap, bridle, noose.
lasso (noun)
noose (noun)
gallows, scaffold.
rein (noun)
bit, bridle, strap.
tether (noun)
chain, cord.

Other synonyms:

kameez, crop top, rein, kurta, dress shirt. boob tube, dickey. bit. gibbet
bridle, hackamore.
Other relevant words:
cramp, string, strap, gallows, bit, kaftan, kurta, strangle, rein, rope, cord, leash, hackamore, cable, top, hamper, tie, haltere, chain, clip, dickey, twine, balancer, scaffold, holder, noose, kameez, bridle.

Usage examples for halter

  1. When summ'd, what comes it to more than the halter – The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3 by John Bunyan
  2. Thats how He caught me and put my neck into the halter – The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet by George Bernard Shaw
  3. " A halter for you, sire, was my suggestion. – The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope