Usage examples for frock

  1. Peggy and her mother were intimate friends, and they shared each other's confidence, but Peggy had not intended to tell her about the frock until the next day. – Peggy in Her Blue Frock by Eliza Orne White
  2. When she stopped in front of some acquaintance, lifted her frock with both hands, and gazed seriously first at her own feet and then up in her friend's face, it was only possible to exclaim in surprise and admiration: " Eh! – A Pair of Clogs by Amy Walton
  3. She sat down again to her work, and made as much haste with it as possible; because twilight would soon come, and Peony's frock was not yet finished, and grandfather was expected, by railroad, pretty early in the morning. – Famous Stories Every Child Should Know by Various