Synonyms for Tuxedo:


dj, soup-and-fish, anorak, bomber jacket, straight jacket, formal, monkey suit, bolero, dinner clothes, tuck, duffel coat. black tie (noun)
dinner jacket.
clothing (noun)
dress, boot, homburg, bathrobe, garb, smock, attire, slicker, chapeau, blazer, turtle-neck, raiment, petticoat, beret, fedora, duds, corset, overcoat, pyjamas, fur, scarf, raincoat, ulster, dinner jacket, bonnet, trench coat, t-shirt, shorts, pinafore, coat, camisole, afghan, burnoose, kimono, wrapper, chemise, robe, shawl, suit, mackintosh, shirt, greatcoat, cape, pillbox, blue jeans, parka, pants, trousers, fez, garment, headdress, topcoat, jersey, blouse, jacket, jumper, slacks, vesture, trimming, apparel, hat, kilt, bowler, stetson, clothes, habit, gown, sweat shirt, shoes, crinoline, brassiere, vestment, dressing gown, poncho, frock, housecoat, v neck, cloak, array, windbreaker, clothing, evening gown, panties, doublet, skirt, halter, stockings, caftan, sweat suit, pull over, sari, costume, wrap, sarong, footgear, sports coat, pajamas, ensemble, pea coat, tunic, smoking jacket, sweater, nightgown, outfit.
coat (noun)
jacket, tux, frock, suit, topcoat, slicker, anorak, cape, greatcoat, overcoat, wrap, ulster, windbreaker, cloak, raincoat.
dinner jacket (noun)
black tie.
suit (noun)
clothing, ensemble, habit, dress, costume, outfit.
tuxedo (noun)
tux, dinner jacket, black tie.


suits (verb)
business suit, safari suit, pantsuit, leisure suit, body stocking, morning suit, morning dress, catsuit, jumpsuit.

Other synonyms:

black tie.
Other relevant words:
anorak, pantsuit, tux, tuck, catsuit, formal, jumpsuit, bolero, soup-and-fish, dj.

Usage examples for tuxedo

  1. Meet him wherever you will, find him in whatever occupation, or in whatever stage of spiritual or intellectual development; whenever you get under his jacket, whether it be a blouse or a tuxedo you'll find this picture hanging on the wall of his heart. – On the Firing Line in Education by Adoniram Judson Ladd
  2. Do you mean to say that the Tuxedo people have somehow been made acquainted with our bids? – Tales of Fantasy and Fact by Brander Matthews