Synonyms for Jacket:


appendix, book, afterword, back, blurb, body, artwork, binding, acknowledgments, addendum. carriage, fell, button, ball bearing, ancillary, bearing, bucket, chamber, hide, surface, cam, belt, camshaft, pelt. bolero, anorak, dj, bomber jacket, duffel coat. boxed, blister pack, bubble wrap, matchbook, Bottled, case, matchbox, carton. clothing (noun)
camisole, garb, scarf, frock, fur, bathrobe, blazer, garment, poncho, sari, brassiere, clothes, boot, caftan, apparel, petticoat, sweater, bonnet, shirt, jumper, mackintosh, wrap, v neck, shoes, trimming, tunic, fedora, crinoline, gown, homburg, slicker, kimono, pants, housecoat, ulster, sweat shirt, jersey, outfit, duds, sweat suit, stetson, blouse, chemise, coat, overcoat, vestment, shorts, smock, robe, sports coat, pyjamas, bowler, fez, suit, cloak, headdress, footgear, attire, clothing, doublet, slacks, corset, turtle-neck, nightgown, pea coat, dressing gown, pillbox, t-shirt, cape, topcoat, evening gown, beret, habit, hat, trench coat, greatcoat, kilt, panties, trousers, array, shawl, pajamas, blue jeans, tuxedo, dress, wrapper, afghan, raiment, pull over, costume, pinafore, burnoose, chapeau, smoking jacket, ensemble, dinner jacket, skirt, raincoat, sarong, vesture, halter, parka, windbreaker, stockings.
covering (noun)
coat, case, fur, pelt, wrapper, parka, tunic, hide.
jacket (noun)
jacket crown.

Other synonyms:

boxed, bubble wrap, matchbook, blister pack, matchbox, Bottled, hide. pelt. carton. fell. case. Other relevant words:
pelt, boxed, jacket crown, anorak, camshaft, surface, afterword, blurb, artwork, ancillary, bomber jacket, fell, dj, bolero, cam, matchbox, carriage, appendix, bearing, bucket, chamber, acknowledgments, addendum, Bottled, binding, back, book, carton, button, belt, body, case, hide, matchbook.

Usage examples for jacket

  1. " Now, Anna Belle, the time has really come," she said happily to her doll, as she took her in her arms and began putting on her jacket and hat. – Jewel A Chapter In Her Life by Clara Louise Burnham
  2. He looked down at his jacket to assure himself that he had nothing to be ashamed of. – Dame Care by Hermann Sudermann
  3. I threw off the bell- boy's jacket and I got into that dear dress so quick it made my head swim. – In the Bishop's Carriage by Miriam Michelson