Synonyms for Tunic:


chain mail, armor, bobby socks, bloomers, armour, bustle, codpiece. body armor, Denver boot, flak jacket, cuffs, breathalyzer, cruiser, baton, billy club, chevron. kameez, boob tube, crop top, dress shirt, dickey, kaftan, kurta. clothing (noun)
camisole, shoes, dinner jacket, habit, beret, dressing gown, ulster, clothing, doublet, boot, windbreaker, pillbox, jumper, trimming, garb, stetson, sari, pants, bonnet, kimono, attire, corset, stockings, overcoat, shorts, coat, pull over, housecoat, smock, sports coat, fedora, shirt, brassiere, halter, evening gown, gown, chapeau, fez, sweater, homburg, hat, pinafore, scarf, dress, pajamas, wrapper, wrap, smoking jacket, t-shirt, greatcoat, bathrobe, slicker, chemise, panties, shawl, sarong, pyjamas, topcoat, sweat suit, kilt, v neck, array, cloak, headdress, duds, fur, blue jeans, blouse, frock, garment, jacket, skirt, trench coat, petticoat, vesture, clothes, sweat shirt, ensemble, caftan, footgear, raincoat, trousers, poncho, robe, vestment, jersey, nightgown, parka, crinoline, mackintosh, slacks, burnoose, pea coat, turtle-neck, bowler, afghan, blazer, cape, tuxedo, apparel, outfit, raiment, costume, suit.
covering (noun)
long shirt (noun)
coat, robe, jacket, blouse.
top (noun)
tunic (noun)
tunica, adventitia.

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Other relevant words:
armour, cruiser, codpiece, baton, chevron, bustle, dickey, adventitia, cuffs, bloomers, kameez, tunica, armor, kurta, kaftan, breathalyzer.

Usage examples for tunic

  1. Get on your tunic as quick as you can. – The Hampstead Mystery by John R. Watson
  2. The major opened his tunic thinking that he needed air. – The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land by Ralph Connor
  3. The young girl in the red silk tunic walked ahead of me. – Atlantida by Pierre Benoit