Synonyms for Collar:


talk at, accost, corner. law, collection plate, biretta, cross, pickup, Easter Egg, crucifix, seizure, chalice, cassock, altar, bust. chamber, camshaft, ball bearing, bearing, bucket, cam, belt, button, ancillary, carriage. body search, breathalyze, book, Breath Test, bounty hunter. coattails, care label, breast pocket, bib, buttonhole, bodice, arm, armhole. cane, cast, bandage, cotton ball, compress, braces, band aid, corset, cotton. feather, gizzard, crest, cockscomb, down, comb, beak, bill. flea collar, muzzle, choke chain, coat. artifact (noun)
collar (noun)
arrest, dog collar, taking into custody, cop, catch, nail, pick up, choker, nab, apprehend, apprehension, pinch, neckband.
neck attire (noun)
Bertha, neckband, frill, jabot, choker, torque.
neckband (noun)
button-down collar, neckpiece, dickey, torque, shawl collar, Peter Pan collar, Bertha, Vandyke collar, jabot, frill, clothes, Eton Collar.
restraint (noun)
confinement, hindrance, stricture, detention, constraint, inhibition, Detainment, constriction, impediment, blockage, bondage, restriction, restraint.
taking into custody (noun)


apprehend (verb)
secure, corner, arrest, get, seize, nail, nab, take, cop, catch, abduct, capture.
capture (verb)
snare, catch, win, capture, get, occupy, obtain, abduct, gain, apprehend, achieve, arrest, take, seize, secure.
imprison (verb)
incarcerate, imprison, condemn, impound, fetter, sentence, lock up.
restrain (verb)
control, constrain, inhibit, hinder, bind, detain, leash, constrict, impede, restrain, restrict.

Other synonyms:

care label, corner, beak, accost, crucifix, cassock, flea collar, coattails, armhole, altar, choke chain, biretta, gizzard, feather, talk at, cotton ball, collection plate, Easter Egg, breast pocket, corset, cockscomb, bodice. pickup, cane, bandage, buttonhole, band aid, cotton. crest. cross, comb, compress, coat. seizure, arm, muzzle. bill. cast. bust. down. capture
pick up.
Other relevant words:
bandage, cop, apprehension, altar, nail, bill, feather, bust, bearing, button, cast, muzzle, choker, clothes, seizure, dickey, crucifix, camshaft, dog collar, chamber, law, button-down collar, jabot, corset, braces, coattails, cross, beak, biretta, cockscomb, nab, cam, Bertha, bodice, comb, arm, frill, pickup, bucket, corner, neckband, band aid, accost, chalice, breathalyze, compress, buttonhole, torque, pinch, belt, cotton, cassock, cane, book, down, gizzard, ancillary, carriage, neckpiece, taking into custody, coat, bib, armhole, crest.

Usage examples for collar

  1. Without taking his eyes off the other men, he caught Druel with his left hand by the coat collar and threw him half- way across the room. – Nan of Music Mountain by Frank H. Spearman
  2. " Betty, would you please hook my collar and would one of you see what time it really is? – Betty Wales Freshman by Edith K. Dunton
  3. And Gabriella showed him by using her fingers around her own neck and collar – The Reign of Law A Tale of the Kentucky Hemp Fields by James Lane Allen