Synonyms for Corset:


cane, cast, cotton ball, bandage, compress, cotton, braces, collar, band aid. kurta, dickey, boob tube, kaftan, kameez, crop top, dress shirt. artifact (noun)
stays, girdle.
clothing (noun)
hat, chapeau, suit, evening gown, burnoose, boot, vesture, sweat shirt, kimono, crinoline, bowler, cloak, housecoat, attire, habit, t-shirt, jacket, clothing, jumper, jersey, outfit, sari, raiment, sweat suit, windbreaker, fez, shawl, dressing gown, poncho, cape, clothes, sweater, raincoat, panties, wrapper, beret, pajamas, sports coat, pyjamas, shoes, bathrobe, pull over, blouse, wrap, nightgown, parka, greatcoat, garment, caftan, trimming, bonnet, pillbox, stockings, pinafore, robe, turtle-neck, fur, sarong, overcoat, scarf, brassiere, mackintosh, topcoat, camisole, afghan, dress, array, duds, tunic, coat, stetson, homburg, shorts, trench coat, slacks, trousers, apparel, petticoat, dinner jacket, slicker, vestment, pants, gown, garb, frock, costume, smock, pea coat, blazer, smoking jacket, ensemble, doublet, fedora, halter, v neck, chemise, tuxedo, skirt, kilt, blue jeans, ulster, footgear, headdress, shirt.
corset (noun)
stays, panty girdle, girdle.
foundation garment (noun)
girdle (noun)
stays, maternity corset, underwear, stomacher, support, garter belt, abdominal belt, whalebones, bodice, corselet, foundation garment.
underwear (noun)
shorts, briefs, bustier, body, body suit, BVDS, bra, boxers, bloomers.

Other synonyms:

kurta, cotton ball, bloomers, underwear, kameez, crop top, dress shirt. boob tube, band aid, dickey, cane, bandage, cotton. compress. collar. cast. support. Other relevant words:
corselet, bustier, collar, bodice, bloomers, BVDS, cane, kurta, body, briefs, stays, compress, boxers, girdle, support, kaftan, foundation garment, panty girdle, underwear, kameez, whalebones, stomacher, braces, bandage, dickey, band aid, cotton, bra, cast.

Usage examples for corset

  1. The blow was aimed at her heart, but something in her dress- a corset probably- turned the weapon aside. – A Bachelor's Dream by Mrs. Hungerford
  2. I went by train to see a friend in the country, and after passing through a patent mucilage, some more hams, a South African Investment Company, a Parisian millinery firm, and a comic journal, I alighted at a new and original kind of corset – Last Words by Stephen Crane
  3. " Sounds like one of them fancy names for a corset or a patent lamp," he complained. – The Boss of Little Arcady by Harry Leon Wilson