Synonyms for Slacks:


baggies, breeches, bottoms, chinos, Chaps, britches, cargo pants, capri pants, bell-bottoms. clothing (noun)
jumper, pillbox, fez, camisole, attire, crinoline, hat, habit, shoes, caftan, pyjamas, sweater, dress, dinner jacket, evening gown, coat, jacket, cloak, kilt, housecoat, fur, blazer, trimming, sweat suit, smoking jacket, sari, frock, garb, pea coat, dressing gown, raiment, clothes, robe, pull over, wrap, kimono, clothing, panties, scarf, bathrobe, pants, cape, petticoat, fedora, ensemble, headdress, shawl, smock, vestment, pajamas, stockings, jersey, sweat shirt, blouse, mackintosh, nightgown, halter, t-shirt, boot, sarong, apparel, shorts, duds, chemise, chapeau, turtle-neck, topcoat, bowler, corset, sports coat, vesture, v neck, shirt, footgear, wrapper, garment, ulster, suit, overcoat, greatcoat, outfit, trousers, parka, afghan, raincoat, tuxedo, trench coat, brassiere, bonnet, beret, costume, pinafore, stetson, skirt, windbreaker, blue jeans, slicker, tunic, homburg, array, burnoose, poncho, doublet, gown.
clothing (plural) (noun)
dinner jackets, outfits, Habits, saris, shawls, sweat suits, v-necks, tunics, Stetsons, costumes, hats, raincoats, berets, brassieres, slickers, trench coats, chemises, evening gowns, smocks, wraps, caftans, garments, windbreakers, bathrobes, apparels, trimmings, Ponchos, housecoats, headdresses, dresses, sarongs, bonnets, pinafores, Afghans, jumpers, suits, shirts, ensembles, pull-overs, pea coats, petticoats, Scarves, nightgowns, Doublets, blazers, coats, kilts, gowns, greatcoats, burnooses, skirts, pillboxes, blouses, camisoles, topcoats, sweaters, corsets, halters, cloaks, turtle-necks, furs, sweat shirts, bowlers, vestures, garbs, Boots, vestments, capes, frocks, crinolines, jackets, sports coats, fedoras, Jerseys, kimonos, parkas, overcoats, robes, tuxedoes, dressing gowns, mackintoshes, wrappers, smoking jackets, t-shirts.

Other synonyms:

breeches. Other relevant words:
britches, baggies, bottoms, bell-bottoms, chinos, Chaps, breeches.

Usage examples for slacks

  1. In a room of an upper storey near the town hall a choir was singing the Hallelujah Chorus, and below, on the pavement, a hospital nurse, in a red wig, stood gravely listening, swaying to and fro, holding her skirts high, so that we saw beneath the broad slacks of an able seaman. – Waiting for Daylight by Henry Major Tomlinson
  2. Now, dressed in a pair of Val's white slacks and a shirt from his wardrobe, Jeems was as much at ease in his surroundings as Rupert or Holmes. – Ralestone Luck by Andre Norton
  3. A Terran woman, in black slacks and an orange sweater, ran across the street in front of them, pursued by a group of enlisted " men" of the Tenth North Uller Native Infantry, all shrieking " Znidd suddabit!" – Uller Uprising by Henry Beam Piper, John D. Clark and John F. Carr