Synonyms for Motto:


apologia, attestation, announcement, apology, affirmation, assurance, assertion, avowal, allegation, accusation. words. battle cry, cry, war cry, call to battle, call to arms, rallying cry. cry (noun)
rallying cry.
instruction (noun)
doctrine, code, credo, moral, ordinance, policy, rule, edict, directive, axiom, instruction, catchword, teaching, saying, principle, saw, precept, adage, dictum, bidding, byword, proverb.
maxim (noun)
mantra, maxim, cliche.
motto (noun)
shibboleth, slogan, catchword.
phrase (noun)
locution, phraseology, epigram, idiom, mannerism, Verbalism, euphemism, metaphor, figure of speech, phrase, sentence, slogan, expression, clause, catchphrase, terminology, paragraph.
rallying cry (noun)
battle cry.
saying, slogan (noun)
maxim, shibboleth, catchphrase, byword, epigram, adage, cry, saw, war cry, precept, battle cry, rule, watchword, rallying cry, proverb.
witticism (noun)

Other synonyms:

call to arms, call to battle, rallying cry. war cry. slogan
battle cry.
Other relevant words:
rallying cry, call to arms, cry, shibboleth, battle cry, watchword, war cry, call to battle, catch phrase, adage.

Usage examples for motto

  1. In short, his motto is 'Liberty and Equality. – The French in the Heart of America by John Finley
  2. It's a gude Scots motto – Between You and Me by Sir Harry Lauder
  3. The earlier dances did very well for a time, whose motto was, Festina lente! – Pretty Michal by Mór Jókai