Synonyms for Array:


beachwear, coordinates, baggies, black tie, civvies, casuals, combats, pattern, accessory, black. automation, fashion, clunker, contrivance, black box, big beast, Accouterments, contraption, apparatus, automaton. assemblage, layer, heap, crowd, collection, pile, display. age group, dispose, deploy, club, circle, busload, crush. articulation, dress up, column, plain, doll up, deck, configuration, coloration, arabesque, chronology, check, prank, trick out, put on, argyle. array (noun)
align, regalia, range, lay out, finery, set out, raiment.
article of clothing (noun)
clothes (noun)
clothing (noun)
boot, homburg, skirt, duds, robe, jersey, garment, suit, footgear, headdress, trimming, caftan, sweat shirt, clothing, housecoat, pea coat, bathrobe, wrapper, cape, dinner jacket, panties, frock, bonnet, brassiere, fedora, kilt, blouse, sweater, slacks, jumper, pyjamas, habit, blue jeans, hat, camisole, kimono, cloak, garb, gown, pillbox, burnoose, crinoline, nightgown, sarong, ulster, slicker, petticoat, corset, dressing gown, stockings, coat, shoes, ensemble, poncho, pants, pajamas, blazer, bowler, trench coat, windbreaker, vestment, chapeau, trousers, scarf, tunic, shawl, smock, vesture, pull over, v neck, shirt, stetson, fez, clothes, t-shirt, topcoat, parka, chemise, fur, overcoat, tuxedo, shorts, jacket, beret, evening gown, afghan, pinafore, turtle-neck, mackintosh, sari, halter, raincoat, greatcoat, apparel, doublet, sweat suit, sports coat, smoking jacket, raiment.
collection, considerable group (noun)
order, design, arrangement, pattern, set, display.
fine clothes (noun)
duds, attire, apparel, finery, garb, dress.
line (noun)
queue, line.
sequence (noun)
course, gamut, concatenation, consequence, arrangement, linkage, procession, train, subsequence, succession, series, Consecution, line, legacy, sequel, lineage, Consecutiveness, progression.


arrange in collection or order (verb)
align, systematize, range, group, form, Methodize, organize.
clothe (verb)
attire, dress, costume, wear, accouter, outfit, clothe, wrap.
cognition (verb)
contact (verb)
lay out, range, set out.
dress in fine clothes (verb)
outfit, wrap, clothe, deck.
order (verb)
compose, orchestrate, chart, devise, marshal, control, adjust, form, place, grade, categorize, balance, integrate, set, plan, frame, scheme, harmonize, establish, stabilize, order, rationalize, program, right, support, plot, settle, screen, Methodize, maintain, collate, systematize, normalize, schedule, score, arrange, structure, unify, unsnarl, rate, cast, separate, fix, regulate, class, type, prepare, design, organize, subordinate, group, sort, classify, stratify, rank, sift, shape, mediate, pigeonhole, schematize.
sequence (verb)
align, chain, string, progress, thread, queue, link, succeed, concatenate, follow, sequence.

Other synonyms:

automation, black box, big beast, coloration, contraption, automaton, arabesque, articulation, civvies, dispose, contrivance, argyle, age group, Accouterments, apparatus, combats, baggies, casuals, configuration, black tie, beachwear, clunker, pattern. column, chronology, accessory, crush, display, circle. club, black. check. marshal

Usage examples for array

  1. Your colonel has sent in a special report about you which sets forth such an array of acts of incomparable bravery that I have half a mind to break my own rule and to make the report public." – The Woman of Mystery by Maurice Leblanc
  2. Orders were directly given on the American side to form the array for action. – History of the War Between Mexico and the United States, with a Preliminary View of its Origin, Volume 1 by Brantz Mayer
  3. I have neglected to say that her library contained a most remarkable array of books in praise of man's fortitude and daring. – The Siege of the Seven Suitors by Meredith Nicholson