Synonyms for Program:


burn-in, access, list, record, call up, author, capture, back up, archive, burn, block, browse. plans, agenda, preparation, arrangements, order of the day, business, planning, calendar, agreement, details, catalog, conspiracy. bootstrap program, applet, show, add-on, performance, assembler, presentation, bot, architecture, compiler, browser, client. blook, almanac, computer language, bestseller, bible, anthology, biography, application, annual, autobiography, atlas, authority. heel, litter, planned, kennel, exercise, cat litter, call off, answer to, lineup, timetable, handler, domesticate, kitty litter, docket. bill, ed, apprenticeship, day school, words, concentration, correspondence course, doctoral, articles, crash course, prospectus. hold, choreograph, line, policy, convene, set up, stage. chat show, remember, bulletin, documentary, call-in, closed-captioned, docudrama, feature, docusoap, breakfast television, slate. approach (noun)
method, way, manner, technique.
bill (noun)
broadcast (noun)
bulletin (noun)
calculation (noun)
algebra, assessment, measurement, algorithm, calculation, reckoning, approximation, multiplication, appraisal, supposition, enumeration, method, triangulation, computation, quantification, valuation, division, thought, calculus, statistics, deduction, judgement, consideration, arithmetic, conclusion, presumption, mathematics, system, determination, estimation, inference, evaluation.
cognition (noun)
course of action (noun)
line (noun)
line-up (noun)
list (noun)
method (noun)
way, approach, technique, trajectory, schema, discipline, tactic, manner, course, process, mechanism, procedure.
outline (noun)
program (noun)
syllabus, details, timetable, schedule, record, course, Computer Programme, plans, plan, broadcast, order, policy, docket, political platform, calendar, lineup, order of the day, computer program, arrangements, curriculum, show, line, course of study, bill, procedure, catalog, platform, bulletin, programme, presentation, political program, design, slate, business.


book (verb)
calculate (verb)
gauge, triangulate, count, plan, total, suppose, weigh, multiply, scheme, guess, rationalize, schedule, account, rank, figure, tally, quantize, measure, quantify, presume, appraise, determine, deduce, assess, surmise, plot, judge, calculate, evaluate, rate, reckon, value, infer, divide, study, compute, systematize, add, conclude, sum, enumerate, score, estimate, approximate, consider, think.
communication (verb)
order (verb)
integrate, prepare, separate, settle, chart, shape, sort, schematize, array, maintain, place, collate, balance, set, screen, arrange, form, categorize, adjust, pigeonhole, organize, fix, grade, sift, devise, order, harmonize, classify, Methodize, establish, control, unsnarl, regulate, compose, stratify, cast, group, structure, mediate, support, orchestrate, design, unify, marshal, type, subordinate, right, normalize, frame, class, stabilize.
program (verb)
list, set up, figure, calculate, set, process, estimate, compute, arrange.
roll (verb)

Other synonyms:

docket, calendar, timetable, order of the day, show. prospectus, policy. lineup. bill. line. book
set up.
computer programme
Computer Programme.
Other relevant words:
client, political platform, capture, exercise, show, conspiracy, political program, broadcast, apprenticeship, bot, bestseller, arrangements, block, atlas, closed-captioned, slate, convene, order of the day, platform, curriculum, timetable, docusoap, author, Computer Programme, concentration, lineup, documentary, agenda, presentation, line, programme, applet, calendar, burn, autobiography, docket, policy, doctoral, almanac, bible, choreograph, course of study, computer program, archive, record, authority, biography, articles, bill, browse, compiler, list, prospectus, access, assembler, architecture, application, agreement, blook, catalog, bulletin, syllabus, planning, annual, domesticate, docudrama, browser, details, plans, ed, performance, anthology, set up, business.

Usage examples for program

  1. All branches of the Government should cooperate to see that this program is realized. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various