Synonyms for Hat:


commitment, responsibility, trust, compulsion, guardianship, accountability, obligation, onus, concern, duty. biretta, bathing cap, balaclava. clothing (noun)
brassiere, ensemble, scarf, skirt, shoes, tunic, attire, outfit, array, blazer, headdress, slacks, camisole, dressing gown, fur, trousers, cloak, pants, stetson, habit, greatcoat, vestment, housecoat, crinoline, wrapper, tuxedo, garment, robe, homburg, beret, sports coat, stockings, chapeau, poncho, fedora, boot, footgear, ulster, wrap, topcoat, mackintosh, pillbox, blouse, coat, nightgown, raincoat, chemise, sarong, jumper, pull over, jersey, evening gown, dress, smoking jacket, sweat suit, smock, fez, apparel, v neck, pea coat, trench coat, frock, shirt, windbreaker, slicker, dinner jacket, pyjamas, sweater, doublet, burnoose, panties, gown, jacket, trimming, afghan, bonnet, halter, sari, clothes, cape, pajamas, shorts, t-shirt, kilt, vesture, garb, petticoat, clothing, blue jeans, kimono, corset, bathrobe, parka, sweat shirt, suit, costume, overcoat, raiment, turtle-neck, shawl, bowler, pinafore, duds, caftan.
covering for the head (noun)
lid, stetson, chapeau, helmet, sombrero, bowler, skimmer, bonnet, headpiece, topper, boater, fedora, millinery, straw.
hat (noun)
lid, chapeau.
headgear (noun)
cap, kepi, stovepipe, babushka, calot, kerchief, deerstalker, cloche, digger, toque, Descat, boater, turban, cocked hat, visor, gainsborough, millinery, mobcap, whimsey, skullcap, roof, topper, bycocket, yarmulke, busby, straw, Louise Bourbon, kipa, derby, service cap, sun helmet, tall silk hat, baseball cap, tricornered hat, helmet, sombrero, wimple, mortarboard, felt hat, opera hat, overseas cap, chapel cap, collapsible, pith helmet, picture hat, veil, talbot, sailor hat, ten-gallon hat, bandanna, poke bonnet, top hat, bearskin, southwestern, cowl, tarboosh, leghorn, panama hat, mantilla, soft-brimmed hat, crush hat, shako, bean pod, straw hat, skimmer, coonskin, beanie, headpiece, snood, miter.

Other synonyms:

opera hat
top hat.
Other relevant words:
boater, visor, collapsible, guardianship, Descat, yarmulke, sombrero, snood, kerchief, kepi, compulsion, skullcap, shako, mantilla, beanie, bandanna, cowl, leghorn, helmet, wimple, tarboosh, digger, mobcap, crush hat, deerstalker, stovepipe, accountability, busby, biretta, veil, gainsborough, talbot, picture hat, pith helmet, obligation, miter, derby, overseas cap, cloche, cap, topper, responsibility, kipa, bearskin, headpiece, lid, duty, straw hat, trust, mortarboard, concern, millinery, commitment, southwestern, felt hat, top hat, turban, skimmer, bycocket, ten-gallon hat, toque, coonskin, straw, opera hat, babushka, whimsey, balaclava, roof, baseball cap, calot, sun helmet, onus.

Usage examples for hat

  1. Of course he had a hat – My Man Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse
  2. Well, I wish you could have seen her trying her new hat on to- day! – Saturday's Child by Kathleen Norris
  3. What would the Hat come to? – More Fables by George Ade