Synonyms for Designate:


succeeding (adjective)


earmark, blue-collar, auxiliary, prefer, budding, creative, mark out, characterize, emeritus, acting, choose, favor, casual, set-aside, deputy, allocate. proclaim, select, betray, nominate. collect, credit with, attribute to, appropriate, represent, money, rate, say a lot/very little etc. for, peg. decide on, take your pick, dub, pick, specific, opt, randomize, style, baptize, vote, words. choice, tap, make. designate (noun)
denominate, intend, depute, doom, incoming, fate, assign, specify, delegate, destine.


allot (verb)
authorize (verb)
entitle, assent, authorize, denominate, deputize, permit, certify, enable, warrant, authenticate, ordain, enfranchise, agree, validate, commission, notarize, consent, confirm, empower, sanction, affirm, countersign, approve, license, bless.
categorize (verb)
sort, type, assort, categorize, classify, cast, class, group, arrange, order, pigeonhole.
delegate (verb)
delegate, entrust, appoint, name, assign, charge, consign.
indicate (verb)
point out, gesture, cue, wave, indicate, denote, betoken, guide, point, stamp, label, alert, mark, brand, nudge, beckon, prompt, flag, note, signal, shrug, tag, nod, motion, notify, ticket, symbolize, wink, gesticulate.
name (verb)
term, title, call, christen, identify.
name, entitle (verb)
christen, term, denominate, label, style, nominate, baptize, title, call, dub.
specify as selection (verb)
mark, assign, characterize, deputize, earmark, pick, choose, indicate, tap, authorize, peg, make, appoint, tag, commission, opt, denote, delegate, favor, prefer, allocate, depute, appropriate, name, charge.

Other synonyms:

blue-collar, randomize, credit with, acting, opt, characterize, emeritus, decide on, creative. dub, deputy, auxiliary, choose, earmark, nominate. baptize, represent, casual. select. rate, vote, tap. pick. peg. make. categorize
decide on.
denominate, title, name.

Usage examples for designate

  1. If a man wishes to designate the emotions he experiences when gazing at the stars by the term 'religion' I cannot prevent him. – The Book of Gud by Dan Spain Harold Hersey
  2. But could any dependent being fully designate its glorious origin, and infinite Surety? – The Ordinance of Covenanting by John Cunningham