Synonyms for Peace:


peaceful (adjective)


high ground, fight, comfort, congeniality, freedom, hush, the good life, privilege, lull, silence, paradise, luxury. untroubledness. calm (noun)
patience, equanimity, calmness, composure, stillness, poise, peacefulness, placidity.
calm, serenity (noun)
lull, rest, sympathy, reserve, placidity, hush, quiet, silence, peacefulness, repose, equanimity, composure, contentment, tranquility, calmness, stillness, harmony, congeniality.
calmness (noun)
cool head, control, self-possession, equilibrium.
harmony (noun)
consonance, harmony, agreement, euphony, accord.
harmony, agreement (noun)
pacification, neutrality, friendship, conciliation, amity, accord, reconciliation, concord, unity, truce, armistice, love, unanimity, union, order.
inactivity (noun)
peace (noun)
repose, public security, amity, quietness, placidness, armistice, tranquility, neutrality, cease-fire, peacefulness, peace treaty, peace of mind, ataraxis, nonaggression, friendliness, concord, quiescence, rest, heartsease, nonresistance, pacification, truce, order, quiet, orderliness, calm, serenity.
quiet (noun)
quietness (noun)
repose (noun)
silence (noun)

Other synonyms:

Dovish, high ground, balance of power, detente, the good life, interwar, untroubledness, ceasefire. privilege, luxury. slack. highlight. calmness
cool head, comfort, equilibrium, control.

Usage examples for peace

  1. The " Angel" must have seen all this and sighed for peace – Vanishing England by P. H. Ditchfield
  2. I wish you all peace health, and plenty. – Pinocchio in Africa by Cherubini
  3. Could you rest in peace if you thought that he lived? – The Devil Doctor by Sax Rohmer