Synonyms for Assault:


incursion, campaign, advance, mission, skirmish, struggle, pitched battle. sensation, crime, sense, perceive, perception, keen, kinaesthetic, acute, distinguish. harangue, have at, denunciation, light into, quibble, pitch into, reproach, talking to, go at, criticism, remonstrance, fall on, sail into, lecture, diatribe. thresh, drub, salvo, smash, pounding, thrash, baste, tanning, belabor, lambaste, pummel, swoop, counterattack, beat, buffet, clobber. go for, force, ambush, mug, come at, fly at, strike at. armoury, arms, ammo, armed, armaments, ammunition, onset, onrush, arsenal, offensive, artillery, Assailment, armory, attempt. go, effort, chase, push, stand, trial run, try. assault (noun)
offensive, invasion, invade, fall on, strike, raid, mug, abuse, bombard, molestation, storm, onslaught, attack, go for, HIT, charge, incursion.
attack (noun)
foray, advance, tirade, riot, storm, onslaught, combat, spasm, furor, warfare, battle, siege, bombardment, offense, offensive, strike, aggression, war, incursion, outbreak, bloodshed, invasion, thrust, charge, violation, barrage, raid, sortie, onset.
offense (noun)
offensive (noun)
rape (noun)
molestation, violation.
violence (noun)
destructiveness, insurrection, brawl, brutishness, abuse, vehemence, barbarity, intensity, broil, inhumanity, rage, ferocity, fury, thuggery, terrorism, wildness, atrocity, uproar, brutality, violence, attack, vandalism, torture, fierceness, fight, turmoil, fracas, savagery, commotion, outrage, frenzy.


attack (verb)
go for, flay, bombard, pound, abuse, scorch, batter, scarify, savage, lunge, violate, trounce, harry, hammer, assail, light into, scathe, invade, slash, lash.

Other synonyms:

pounding, kinaesthetic, go for, pitched battle, tanning, salvo, perceive, ambush, campaign, onrush, skirmish, push, arms, counterattack, Assailment, clobber, distinguish. come at, drub, mug, perception, lambaste, swoop, ammunition, sensation, armory, keen, mission, pummel, belabor, armed, arsenal, artillery. buffet, attempt, strike at. sense, thrash, baste, thresh. smash, acute, fall on. beat. aggress
go at.
fly at.
come at, go for, light into.
hold up
light into.

Usage examples for assault

  1. After a second assault I rested, greatly astonished that the count had not interrupted our pleasures. – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  2. Not only was it possible for the natives to surround the Kansas with a whole swarm of men, but the mere number of their boats would render it exceedingly difficult to repel a combined assault – The Captain of the Kansas by Louis Tracy