Synonyms for Leak:


channel, cavity, abyss, cleft, seepage, blowhole, decrease, crater, loss, expenditure, drop, detriment, destruction, outgoing, cranny, flow, aperture. chlorine, chink, acetylene, carbon, puncture, carbon monoxide, butane, argon, cfc, crevice, chlorofluorocarbon, ammonia, carbon dioxide. tell, slip, advertisement, give away, let (it) slip, offload, exposure, disclose, reveal, lay something bare, spill the beans, betray, news. cover, come out, knowledge, show, checkbook journalism, circulation, get out, out, come to light, embed, citizen journalism, contribute, editorship, edit, transpire, backstory. beam, emit, send out, spill, stream, issue from, discharge, give off, give out, generate. disclosure (noun)
leak (noun)
escape, making water, passing water, outflow, wetting, leakage, leak out.
news (noun)
opening; seepage through opening (noun)
destruction, chink, exposure, leakage, puncture, aperture, expenditure, flow, crevice, escape, slip, decrease, drop, detriment, loss, outgoing.


seep; make known (verb)
disclose, give away, discharge, get out, out, come out, spill, transpire, reveal, tell, spill the beans.
waste (verb)
despoil, slop, deject, waste, excrete.

Other synonyms:

reveal, exposure, disclose, offload. give away, puncture, transpire. betray, tell. out. spill. drop. pour forth
give away.
Other relevant words:
tell, flow, transpire, offload, aperture, crevice, news, cranny, come to light, exposure, detriment, decrease, making water, expenditure, advertisement, cleft, loss, leak out, disclose, spill the beans, generate, reveal, give away, drop, emit, cavity, stream, show, outgoing, get out, out, passing water, wetting, leakage, puncture, slip, send out, seepage, spill, betray, abyss, outflow, discharge, chink, destruction, give off, come out, escape.

Usage examples for leak

  1. Under no possible consideration must it leak out that a Cabinet Minister had been speculating so heavily, and lost to such an extent, that nothing but an immense sum of money could save him from disgrace, bankruptey, and ruin. – Winding Paths by Gertrude Page
  2. Resolution springs a Leak – A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 16 by Robert Kerr
  3. Add to this, that the wind was now at S. E., and we were threatened with a fog and a storm; and I wanted to get into some place to stop the leak before we encountered another gale. – A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 16 by Robert Kerr