Synonyms for Defraud:


get your hands dirty, be caught with your hand in the cookie jar, copy, insinuate yourself (into something), pack. cozen, honest, sting, chisel, flimflam, take, trim, stick, gull, DO. defraud (noun)
diddle, mulct, rook, bunco, goldbrick, scam, swindle, nobble, gyp, victimize.
swindle (noun)
study at cheat.


cheat, bilk (verb)
delude, take, swindle, victimize, flimflam, dupe, pilfer, stick, embezzle, cozen, DO, rob, fleece, deceive.
deceive (verb)
betray, dupe, delude, bilk, fool, mislead, cheat.
pretend (verb)
show, affect, fake, masquerade, pretend, counterfeit, impersonate, falsify, bluff, cover, forge, deceive, pose, imitate, stage, claim, disguise.
steal (verb)
extort, rustle, swindle, hijack, embezzle, nip, pilfer, plagiarize, swipe, haul, mug, lift, palm, pirate, poach, rob, filch, cop, fleece, grab, burglarize, pocket, shanghai, blackmail, shoplift, holdup, stickup, plunder, steal, abstract, loot, heist.

Other synonyms:

cozen, chisel. sting. trim. DO, take. deceive
cozen, bluff.
plagiarize, shoplift, steal.
Other relevant words:
mulct, DO, rook, gull, nobble, sting, scam, honest, bunco, trim, stick, gyp, cozen, diddle, chisel, pack, goldbrick, victimize, copy, flimflam, take.

Usage examples for defraud

  1. I was not long in seeing what was in the minds of my two uncles, and I quickly realised that they had been in league with the Tresidders; and so, feeling that it was their intention to defraud me, I became dazed and bewildered. – The Birthright by Joseph Hocking